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» Do you like Cream Cheese?

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Like Cream Cheese?
Yes  72% 18 votes
Kinda do kinda dont   16% 4 votes
Nope, not at ALL  12% 3 votes

    23rd of Jun '17 @ 3:38 PM Hasnt voted yet!

Cream cheese, a classic. Im one of those girls who r very picky :3 I dunt like cream cheese at ALL, especially cheesecake too, its just plain as day gross › з < Basically anything that has cream cheese in it to me is gross, if i can taste it, but if its in it and i cant taste its fine • υ •

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    23rd of Jun '17 @ 4:03 PM Voted for Kinda do kinda dont

Cream cheese only on bagels! I can't eat bagels without it. I'm not a big fan of it on other foods however.

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    23rd of Jun '17 @ 4:13 PM Voted for Yes

Need bagels for cream cheese

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    23rd of Jun '17 @ 5:27 PM Voted for Yes

Oh boy, do I EVER. Cream cheese is one of my favourite things to put on and in stuff. I loooove salmon cream cheese on my bagel, and those little pastries with the cream cheese inside of them? Amazing. I just really like cheese in general, though.

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    23rd of Jun '17 @ 10:08 PM Voted for Yes

I am also an extremely picky eater, but I really like cream cheese!! It tastes great on crackers with jam. As for Cheesecake, well... CHEESECAKE IS THE BEST FOOD EVER!!! It's absolutely my favorite!!! In fact, I had some Chicago style Cheesecake today and it was AMAZING!!! smile_grin.gif

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    24th of Jun '17 @ 1:57 AM Voted for Yes

Oh, dear. Cream cheese is great. When I was younger, I would make macaroni with cream cheese in it! I have to admit, looking back on it, it was kind of weird. It sure tasted good, though, haha! smile_laugh.gif

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    24th of Jun '17 @ 9:33 AM Voted for Yes

I don't think I eat it enough considering how much I like it.

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Head Editor

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    24th of Jun '17 @ 2:00 PM Voted for Yes

Cream cheese and bagels of course... but also: cheesecake!!

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    26th of Jun '17 @ 11:47 AM Voted for Yes

I love it mostly on bagels, and cheesecake is one of my most favorite deserts out there too!


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    26th of Jun '17 @ 1:42 PM Voted for Kinda do kinda dont

I am a rather picky eater and what I like and don't changes ALL the time. Cream cheese is no exception. I hate Cheescake...its not cake and it's WAY to rich for my liking. Now, if that cheesecake has caramel and chocolate, I will eat it because caramel.

Cream cheese is great on bagels and rye bread. I've even tried it on a burger in combination with peanut butter and Kraft Dinner. Suffice it to say, the cream cheese ruined the burger and I haven't had it on a burger since.

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    27th of Jun '17 @ 8:22 AM Voted for Nope, not at ALL

Sorry, don't like cheese at all smile_tongue.gif

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Posts: 1849
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    27th of Jun '17 @ 5:59 PM Voted for Yes

I really like cream cheese. I am not a big fan of Cheesecake, but I love Smearcase. Smearcase is a form of Cheesecake, but it is made with cottage cheese. Most of the time it's made of dry curd cottage cheese. I like it since it is not super sweet and it is dry and it generally has fruit on top, like strawberries or blueberries.

It's wonderful!

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    28th of Jun '17 @ 8:50 PM Voted for Yes

I love cream cheese! Especially the strawberry kind you can put on toasted bagels! I don't think I use it for anything other than bagels tho lol


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    10th of Jul '17 @ 4:42 AM Voted for Yes

I LOVE Cream Cheese! smile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif


- On Bagels
- Cheesecake
- Jalapeno Poppers (Cream Cheese Filling+Parmesan+Mozzarella)
- Oreo Desserts

You name it! It's just delicious! smile_laugh.gifsmile_heart.gif


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Posts: 30
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    25th of Jul '17 @ 5:04 AM Voted for Nope, not at ALL

I eat it on bagels sometimes, but I find it disgusting 99.9% of the time.

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    25th of Jul '17 @ 4:24 PM Voted for Yes

I love pretty much everything with cream cheese--bagels, cheesecake, some frostings! I like most cheeses, though. So this isn't much of a surprise..

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    9th of Aug '17 @ 11:07 PM Voted for Yes

I love it!
Has anyone ever tried this?

cream cheese, pour soy sauce over it, then sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds - eat with tortilla chips, crackers, whatever you like.. It's delicious!

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    11th of Sep '17 @ 7:32 PM Hasnt voted yet!

I love it! but i'm lactose intolerant. smile_sad.gifsmile_tongue.gif


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Posts: 13
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    12th of Sep '17 @ 1:26 AM Voted for Yes

i LOVE cream cheese on my bagels, if i coulf i would eat bagels w cream cheese every morning! its the only breakfast food i like actually lol especially cream cheese with hot peppers in them! hot cheetos in cream cheese is also really good too. i hate cheesecake tho, i cant stand it. something about having cheese for a sweet dessert


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    12th of Sep '17 @ 9:02 PM Voted for Yes

Plain cream cheese is good! For the most part, though, I only eat it as a spread on bagels and an icing on certain types of cake. I don't think I've ever tried it on other kinds of food before.

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    1st of Dec '17 @ 1:03 PM Voted for Yes

Cream cheese is great. My personal fave is red pepper cream cheese on blueberry bagels, with some raw salmon on top. Try it out if you can! Unless you're lactose intolerant.smile_devil.gif

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    1st of Jan '18 @ 7:20 PM Voted for Yes

Cream cheese is delicious. On bagels or even just toast.

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    5th of Jan '18 @ 1:59 AM Voted for Kinda do kinda dont

Certain types of cheesecake are okay but cream cheese by itself is gross


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Posts: 34
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    1st of May '18 @ 7:20 PM Voted for Kinda do kinda dont

I like cheese, but not cream cheese. Just tastes weird to me.

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    3rd of May '18 @ 9:02 AM Voted for Yes



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