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    25th of May '17 @ 10:37 PM

how many times have you cracked combination?

for some reason, ive cracked it twice despite only playing it like, 7 times haha smile_shock.gif
first time i got around 50k+ ip but the second time around i got only 12k ip (since i suppose a lot of people havent guessed it yet when i cracked it)

i think its fun! completely surprising when i see the little popped open safe saying i got the combination x)

please @ me!

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    25th of May '17 @ 11:32 PM

I've won Combination twice, but I'm one of those people who plays once a day! It's always really nice to get that nice little sum of iP! Every little bit adds up!

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Posts: 2906
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    26th of May '17 @ 5:52 AM

I try to play once a day as well to test my luck. I've won either two or three times so far.

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Posts: 21
Avatars: 20/198

    26th of May '17 @ 7:16 AM

I won either yesterday or the day before and I won like 18k I was completely shocked because I never win anything like that smile_laugh.gif

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Posts: 1602
Avatars: 83/198

    26th of May '17 @ 7:25 AM

I think I've won about seven or eight times, but I have one of these extra things where you get to try once an hour. I think it came with one of the hacking devices I bought. I usually try about five times a day.

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Posts: 343
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    26th of May '17 @ 1:17 PM

I won once time and I was very happy.

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    27th of May '17 @ 12:16 PM

I've never won, but I do it once a day, so hopefully I'll get something eventually. Do you guys just pick randomly or do you have a strategy? smile_tongue.gif

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- J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

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Posts: 42
Avatars: 51/198

    28th of May '17 @ 2:48 PM

i try every day and only get

Intruder Alert!

i will open it 1 daysmile_ninja.gif

feel free to send a friends request i dont bite only nibble

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Posts: 36
Avatars: 11/198

    28th of Jun '17 @ 11:23 PM

I haven't won yet but I'm sure I will one day!


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Posts: 2906
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    29th of Jun '17 @ 7:35 AM

@RedCervidae I'm not usually too lucky with these games, but I've won twice since the last time I posted. Just keep trying! smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 380
Avatars: 117/198

    22nd of Sep '17 @ 4:36 PM

I've won the Combination one time, the jackpot was around 38,000 IP.
I just pick a random number, definitely no strategy going on here!!

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Posts: 36
Avatars: 15/198

    27th of Sep '17 @ 7:20 PM

Unfortunately never! But i always forget to play it.

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Posts: 30
Avatars: 15/198

    28th of Sep '17 @ 12:06 PM

I'm looking forward to the day I can finally open it myself. That said, I'm a forgetful person - I might just never do it, haha.

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Posts: 268
Avatars: 45/198

    8th of Nov '17 @ 5:15 PM

I have never opened it! I try to pick the same two numbers each day haha. I have 3 lucky numbers that apparently aren't lucky smile_unsure.gif

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    31st of Dec '17 @ 11:02 AM

I haven't won yet, but one of these days I'm going to get it!

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Posts: 300
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    1st of Jan '18 @ 12:37 AM

I try it whenever I can yet I’ve never won it XD

"Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now"

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Posts: 604
Avatars: 154/198

    1st of Jan '18 @ 12:59 PM

I won it one time and I was SO surprised. I just clicked whatever random number it gave me, and I won I think 28k. I made a little gasp noise and just stared at it for a second with my jaw open, because I didn't think I'd ever get lucky haha! It was on a day I desperately needed the IP, too, so it was amazing.

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