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» Scratchcard win

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Have you ever won the jackpot?
Yes!  25% 2 votes
No...  75% 6 votes


Posts: 86
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    24th of May '17 @ 5:08 PM Hasnt voted yet!

No, I didn't win the jackpot. But I did win a Baby Snow Jar. I needed one to turn Dreamie into a Baby Jakrit. I can hardly believe this happened!

What's the best thing you've won from the scratchcard game?

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Posts: 2909
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    24th of May '17 @ 5:10 PM Voted for No...

Congratulations on your SJ win! smile_happy.gif

I haven't won the jackpot yet either. I think the best thing I've won is the Lucky Penny Stamp.

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Posts: 1602
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    24th of May '17 @ 10:53 PM Voted for Yes!

I won over 300,000 iP one time!

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    25th of May '17 @ 12:09 AM Voted for Yes!

I only ever won the Jackpot once and it was thrilling!
Scratchcards are the one thing I always forget to do for some reason. I'll remember hourly tokens, but just completely forget that you can do multiple scratchcards in one day.

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Posts: 21
Avatars: 20/198

    25th of May '17 @ 1:56 PM Voted for No...

The only thing I've ever won was a White Chocolate Audril smile_laugh.gif

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    27th of May '17 @ 12:17 PM Voted for No...

Nah, I've never won the jackpot. I don't really do it that often, though smile_tongue.gif

"Not all those who wander are lost."
- J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

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Posts: 54
Avatars: 13/198

    27th of May '17 @ 10:25 PM Voted for No...

I've never won the jackpot (sadly), but I just got very lucky and won ~43,000 IP! That's probably the best prize I've received so far. I don't think I've ever won a morphing potion from them or anything like that, though I get toys quite a lot. Here's to hoping that someday we'll all get lucky!

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Posts: 71
Avatars: 46/198

    28th of May '17 @ 10:03 AM Voted for No...

I do the Scratchcards once a day and so far I haven't won the jackpot. The best thing I got was about 30,000IPs. Not bad I guess.

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Posts: 42
Avatars: 51/198

    28th of May '17 @ 2:46 PM Voted for No...

with my luck i can be happy with this XD

You have won 1,530 IcePoints!

feel free to send a friends request i dont bite only nibble

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