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» What is your favourite pet colour?

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Favourite pet colour?
I voted for...  38% 21 votes
My favourite colour is...  63% 35 votes


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    25th of Apr '17 @ 1:32 AM Hasnt voted yet!

Let us know what pet colour is your favourite! Do you have twelve pets in that colour, or do you hoard the snow jars? Feel free to let us know that as well!

Non pose changing colours have been excluded from this poll.

Because of the sheer number of colours, we have decided to use a google poll! You don't have to sign up, and you can choose up to three colours. Still, feel free to let us know what colours you chose below!

Check out the poll here!

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    26th of Apr '17 @ 9:30 PM Hasnt voted yet!

Did I really have to say i'm a Tech addict!?

I have every pet in that color smile_grin.gif

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    27th of Apr '17 @ 2:43 PM Voted for My favourite colour is...

I love love love Space!!! So pretty! Pirate and Love are a close second.

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    27th of Apr '17 @ 3:44 PM Voted for I voted for...

Baby & Plushie here smile_heart.gif + Halloween!

Collecting all Baby and Plushie jars for sure!


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    1st of May '17 @ 1:56 PM Voted for My favourite colour is...

It's not an easy question to answer. Ancient, Rainbow, Rave, and Christmas have some of the nicest art. Space has some beautiful colours as well...same with Love...

I can't decide...

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    3rd of May '17 @ 3:25 AM Voted for I voted for...

I voted for Pirate, of course! Though it only let me choose one colour, was this supposed to happen or did I goof somewhere? Either way, if I had to choose two others, I would choose Pinata and Party c:

(I just realized they all start with P. What.)

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    3rd of May '17 @ 12:39 PM Voted for I voted for...

The survey only let me choose one, so I picked Fairy! My other favorites are Dreamworld and Love.

I love Berry!

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Posts: 2506
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    6th of May '17 @ 11:23 AM Voted for My favourite colour is...

I could only choose one as well. Had to go with baby, even though I really love so many more. Space, Crystal, Pinata, Pirate, Storm, Tech, Rave, Woodland... They're all just too good.

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Posts: 4
Avatars: 6/213

    7th of May '17 @ 8:47 AM Voted for My favourite colour is...

space! though it is hard to pick a favourite since there are so much great themes!

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Posts: 71
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    15th of May '17 @ 7:53 PM Voted for I voted for...

It only let me vote for 1 color, not 3, so I voted for Dreamworld. smile_happy.gif My other favorites would be Crystal, Firebreathing and Space!

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    16th of May '17 @ 2:25 PM Voted for My favourite colour is...

Woodland is definitely my favorite! Space is a close second, though. smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 62
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    28th of May '17 @ 11:09 AM Voted for My favourite colour is...

I always liked dreamworld.

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Posts: 31
Avatars: 18/213

    2nd of Jun '17 @ 12:37 PM Hasnt voted yet!

I vote for Crystals


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Posts: 1844
Avatars: 91/213

    10th of Jun '17 @ 7:23 AM Voted for My favourite colour is...

I really like the Christmas colors!

My other favorite is Pirate.

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Posts: 30
Avatars: 44/213

    15th of Jun '17 @ 6:00 PM Voted for I voted for...

Space!! Rave is also p cool smile_cool.gif

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Posts: 433
Avatars: 143/213

    15th of Jun '17 @ 9:24 PM Voted for I voted for...

Firebreathing, Storm and Skeletal smile_heart.gif

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Head Editor

Posts: 701
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    18th of Jun '17 @ 11:37 AM Voted for My favourite colour is...

I'm really new to the game and of course am overwhelmed at how many great colors there are... but I REALLY like the rave colors. And tech. And ancient. Ahem, I should probably stop there, or I'll get carried away.

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Posts: 304
Avatars: 56/213

    19th of Jun '17 @ 11:09 PM Voted for I voted for...

I vote for Crystal and Woodland

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Posts: 3157
Avatars: 197/213

    20th of Jun '17 @ 2:39 PM Voted for My favourite colour is...

It's so hard to decide! My top 3 has to be Baby, Christmas, & Rainbow.
I love how adorable the Baby pets are, how festive the Christmas pets are, and how the Rainbow pets are so colorful!

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Posts: 3
Avatars: 11/213

    24th of Jun '17 @ 6:44 PM Voted for I voted for...

Toon, Crystal, and Dreamworld are all great colors! I just wish more pets could have the toon color.


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Posts: 20
Avatars: 9/213

    25th of Jun '17 @ 6:15 PM Voted for My favourite colour is...

Toon. Definitely Toon. ovo


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Posts: 65
Avatars: 43/213

    6th of Jul '17 @ 12:44 AM Voted for I voted for...

1000% Toon. I cannot express how much I love that color!! I've always loved the old Mickey cartoons so when that color came out it made my day!!

But the other two favorite colors are Plushie and Prankster. I love the individuality in Prankster and I just love stuffed animals. Icepets has so much incredible art!

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Posts: 30
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    6th of Jul '17 @ 2:55 PM Voted for My favourite colour is...

I personally love Rave, Storm and Woodland.


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Posts: 258
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    23rd of Jul '17 @ 9:06 PM Voted for I voted for...

I love Woodland the most! smile_heart.gif

(But Firebreathing, Storm, Dreamworld, Rave, Space, Crystal, and Tech are my other faves! smile_happy.gifsmile_heart.gif )


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    1st of Aug '17 @ 8:52 AM Voted for My favourite colour is...

My favorite pet color overall has to be Pinata. I don't dislike ANY of the Pinata pets. They're just SO CUTE!!
I am terribly tempted to have one of each species...

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