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» What is your favourite pet?

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Favourite Pet?
Audril  2% 2 votes
Cobron  4% 4 votes
Dabu  9% 10 votes
Dovu  1% 1 vote
Jakrit  2% 2 votes
Krittle  22% 24 votes
Makoat  6% 7 votes
Novyn  6% 7 votes
Ori  4% 4 votes
Ridix  9% 10 votes
Sharshel  6% 7 votes
Traptur  4% 4 votes
Trido  1% 1 vote
Wulfer  12% 13 votes
Xephyr   8% 9 votes
Zabeu   5% 6 votes


Posts: 278
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    25th of Apr '17 @ 12:08 AM Hasnt voted yet!

Tell us below which species of pets is your favourite! Feel free to include why, how many you have, what your favourite colour for that species is, and anything else you'd like!

Check out our pets here!

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Posts: 4457
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    25th of Apr '17 @ 1:39 AM Voted for Ori

Ori has always been my fave pet

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Posts: 4
Avatars: 16/214

    25th of Apr '17 @ 4:05 PM Voted for Krittle

I love Krittles! They're so cute smile_angel.gif

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Posts: 491
Avatars: 39/214

    25th of Apr '17 @ 7:58 PM Voted for Ori

As a bird lover, there's no pet I love more than an Ori! I do like Dovus too (but not as much as Oris) smile_wink.gif my favorite Ori colors are Fairy, Party, and Space. So cute!!! 60s, Pirate, and Love are also cool too.

I would really like to see a Rave Ori, a Crystal Ori, and a Rainbow Ori smile_shock.gif

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Posts: 2506
Avatars: 118/214

    27th of Apr '17 @ 10:58 AM Voted for Sharshel

I've always been in love with the underdogs and from my first day, I had a thing for Sharshels. :3

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Posts: 58
Avatars: 37/214

    27th of Apr '17 @ 3:42 PM Voted for Krittle

As much as I want to say Wulfer or Zabeu, I'm going with Krittle because they're so unique
and it was a Dreamworld Krittle that brought me to Icepets in the first place!


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Staff Manager

Posts: 4638
Avatars: 205/214

    27th of Apr '17 @ 4:43 PM Voted for Makoat

Loving my babes since day one smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 4811
Avatars: 193/214

    1st of May '17 @ 1:54 PM Voted for Ridix

I have a couple different favourite pets. Just looking at basic poses, my favourite would have to be the wulfer with the ridix just behind. It's the special colours that really stand out in my mind though.

Christmas & Rave Ridix
Rave and Love Wulfer
Party Cobron
Love Zabeu
Halloween Krittle
Ancient Zabeu and Ridix
Firebreathing Xephyr
Rainbow Colour

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Posts: 1966
Avatars: 183/214

    7th of May '17 @ 10:39 AM Voted for Zabeu

CoastPONY so Zabeus of course smile_grin.gifsmile_heart.gif

As for favorite colours of Zabeu, out of the basics, I thoroughly enjoy the Cottoncandy colour, but I'm as apt to pick out Seagreen (referal bluegreen), blue, green, yellow or purple/pink. For the non basic poses, GoPony shows off my deep love of the Party Zabeu and the Space Zabeu was what made me join IcePets and stick through the plot to get my very own Zabeu smile_happy.gif

I'd love to see Rainbow, Fairie and Dreamworld Zabeus join the IcePets family smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 71
Avatars: 46/214

    10th of May '17 @ 7:58 AM Voted for Wulfer

Wulfer and Ridix are the cutest! smile_heart.gif Dabu, Cobron and Sharshel are really cute too. So many cute pets. smile_grin.gif

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    11th of May '17 @ 2:11 PM Voted for Xephyr

I would have to say I love Xephyrs the most. Zabeus and Oris come in at close seconds, but Xephyrs are super cute, especially the Woodland (it looks like a fox), Snowdrift, and Space. Ever since I joined (which wasn't very long ago smile_laugh.gif), I've wanted a Woodland Xephyr.

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Posts: 54
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Posts: 30
Avatars: 27/214

    16th of May '17 @ 8:40 AM Voted for Sharshel

You know, when I first started out, my favorite was the Makoat. While they're still one of my favorites, I think I've grown to like the Sharshel just a teensy bit more!


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Posts: 62
Avatars: 33/214

    28th of May '17 @ 11:01 AM Voted for Trido

I fell in love with Tridos as soon as I saw them!

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Posts: 31
Avatars: 18/214

    2nd of Jun '17 @ 12:37 PM Voted for Ridix

I Love Ridixs


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Posts: 319
Avatars: 46/214

    5th of Jun '17 @ 9:25 PM Voted for Makoat

This is probably not a popular choice, but I personally love Makoats and Dabus most. smile_tongue.gif

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Posts: 34
Avatars: 15/214

    8th of Jun '17 @ 11:59 AM Voted for Wulfer

Wulfers! They're so cute. :3

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Posts: 1851
Avatars: 91/214

    10th of Jun '17 @ 7:26 AM Voted for Ridix

My favorite is the Risix! I also love the Krittle and the Zabeu.

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Posts: 30
Avatars: 44/214

    15th of Jun '17 @ 5:56 PM Voted for Ridix

Though all of the pets are pretty adorable, I think Ridixes top them all just a teensy bit! smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 433
Avatars: 143/214

    15th of Jun '17 @ 8:08 PM Voted for Novyn

I recently adopted a Novyn and I love her!

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Posts: 4
Avatars: 2/214

    16th of Jun '17 @ 12:11 AM Voted for Sharshel

Sharshels...there's something about them I fell in love with. Hence my first pet. smile_happy.gif


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Head Editor

Posts: 702
Avatars: 193/214

    18th of Jun '17 @ 11:36 AM Voted for Ori

I not only love birds, but Ori have very cute artwork. My second place are Cobron and Traptur, for the same reasons! (I also love reptiles, and they also have very cute artwork!)

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Posts: 304
Avatars: 56/214

    19th of Jun '17 @ 11:05 PM Voted for Xephyr

I say Xephyr it look like a fox to me

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Posts: 3157
Avatars: 197/214

    20th of Jun '17 @ 2:41 PM Voted for Jakrit

I can't decide between the Ridix and Jakrit. I always loved the Jakrit even before the revamp because of how adorable it is and how it resembles a bunny. But the Ridix are gorgeous too and they remind me of my dogs.

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Posts: 3
Avatars: 11/214

    24th of Jun '17 @ 6:28 PM Voted for Wulfer

I like the Wulfer the most, they're so cute!


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Posts: 20
Avatars: 9/214

    25th of Jun '17 @ 6:17 PM Voted for Wulfer

Wulfers are adorable!


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