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» Favorite Pokémon Generation (and why)?

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    17th of Feb '17 @ 8:46 PM

Because I'm curious! Also, feel free to discuss:
-Your favorite Pokémon
-Any generations you dislike
-Multiple favorite generations

Personally, I love Moon so much! I've had lots of great memories from Sapphire and its remake, but Gen 7 has so many awesome improvements and fixes problems that have been present in the older versions (+ woodpecker Pokémon, heheh).

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    17th of Feb '17 @ 9:10 PM

Ok, I honestly was just going over this subject while looking over the new Pokémon in Pokemon GO... My favorite generation is by FAR generation 3. It has a ton of my favorite Pokemon, including Milotic, Flygon, Altaria, Kirlia, and a few others. A close second favorite is generation 6 because mega evolutions were awesome smile_laugh.gif

My least favorite generation is probably generation 2 because it is lacking an assortment of Pokemon that have cool evolutions. A lot of them don't even have evolutions at all. But I still love some of the Pokemon, including Hoothoot and Girafarig. And generation 2s starters are my favorite starters; Cyndaquil is ADORABLE!!! I have mixed feelings about generation 7, mainly because there weren't as many and some of them were a little weird to me. And as a bird lover, I thought it was strange that a woodpecker turned into a toucan... Although, I fell in love with Lurantis, Brionne, Jangmo-o, and Oricorio Pom Pom Style! So cute!

So I never knew I could talk this much about Pokemon.... but there are some cute ones out there, and I love cute, fantasy creatures smile_laugh.gif

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Posts: 41
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    21st of Feb '17 @ 11:56 PM

Great choice ;D I'll admit, a lot of my favorites are from Gen 3 too, but I found the fixing of things like getting rid of HMs, making PCs easier to use, and including a more helpful map in Gen 7 to be what changed my mind. The whole "woodpecker to toucan" thing also kinda bugged me, but oh well smile_laugh.gif

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    22nd of Feb '17 @ 10:45 PM

I have been playing the Pokémon games since they came about so I have a special spot in my heart for gen 1 and 2. However, my favourite Pokémon comes not from either of those generations although eevee is up there.

My favourite Pokémon is Virizion. When I first caught it, I immediately fell in love. Now I just wish I had a shiny smile_happy.gif. Other favorites include Zorua, Bayleef, Ninetales, and Rockruff (sun version).

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Posts: 61
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    24th of Feb '17 @ 7:43 PM

my favorite might be johto soulsilver version. my first ever game however was pokemon diamond so thats a close second.
probably only johto because typhlotion is my favorite pokemon.

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Posts: 41
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    24th of Feb '17 @ 8:54 PM

I'll admit, I'm not too familiar with Gen 2 and 4 even though some of my favorites are from them smile_blush.gif

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Posts: 1286
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    25th of Feb '17 @ 9:36 AM

Gen 4. It has the same feel as gen 3, with the addition of some great new pokemon. And most importantly, that's when the physical/special split happened.

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    26th of Feb '17 @ 12:08 AM

Fav Pokemon Gen and Why;

For me its generation 1, with Pikachu and Eevee all those ones. The reason why is because this was the series that was first on TV like back in the 90s, with that awesome theme song.

The generations after this, I didn't so much like well because I liked the original team of Ash, Misty and Brock and when those characters were changed to different ones, I just didn't like it.

Fav Pokemon
Ooooh that's a bit of a toughie but its gotta be Vaporeon, because its an Eeveelution and the color just sits so well.

My close favs after it are; Vulpix and Charizard, cause Vulpix is cute and the other one is a dragon.

Any generations I dislike
I don't know any others apart from the first set XD

Oh but I am aware of the Eeveelutions, I like all those.

Multiple Fav Generations

....The Eeveelutions...?

Literally the only things Pokemon I have done, is I've seen the original 90s show and then I've played Pokemon Go and now recently done Pokemon Moon.

Yeah no joke, the first Pokemon game I did was the one on the phone. Some people are shocked by this but when Pokemon games were released they were on that Gameboy series that we didn't have and back then it was kinda pointless having a system bought only for one game.

Obviously when I was older and could buy whatever I wanted this rule didn't apply as I bought the Nintendo DS just to play Layton and the PSP just so I could play Daxter...


In Pokemon Go though now Gen2 has been released I've started seeing those, having like NEVER seen 90% of them this is quite fun.

The ones I've picked up have been like there was a ladybug, there was some green bird that looks to have lost its wings (I dunno I found it near water), there was a blue mouse that I swear was called Merill but the game said it was Marill (close enough), there's was like this pig cum hedgehog looking one thats mental.

And the latest one I caught was... the only way to describe it is its like a bird crossed with a wizard, made me laugh when I saw it and the great lengths of the imagination they went to in its creation.

Bird + Wizard Hat = Pokemon.

Oh and there's this other blue thing I caught that I call the Weeboo.

A mate of mine (a while ago now) said they were running out of ideas for Pokemon so by the time Generation 8 comes there'll be like a chair based Pokemon.

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Posts: 99
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    26th of Feb '17 @ 4:39 AM

My favorite is generation 4. It's probably because that was the generation where I was allowed to have video games. When Generation 1 started, I was very young and no one in my family was interested in Pokemon, so I didn't know anything about it yet. I first got interested during Generation 3, but all I could do was watch the TV series and collect merchandise. I even watched VHS tapes from my local library which were of the first season.
I'm actually looking forward to whenever remakes of the Diamond and Pearl games come out. I don't mind how long it may take.
As for what my favorite Pokemon is, it's actually pretty obvious if you look at my username. Yes, it's Jirachi.

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Posts: 2506
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    9th of Apr '17 @ 4:44 PM

For a long time it's been gen 3 for me as I grew up playing emerald, but seeing sun and moon really changed it for me. Now gen 7 is my absolute love.

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Posts: 323
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    28th of Feb '18 @ 8:45 AM

my favorite generation is 5, its mostly because of the soundtrack and plot.

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Posts: 33
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    28th of Feb '18 @ 9:40 AM

Always, ALWAYS 3rd Gen (the original Sapphire/Ruby). It was the first Pokemon game that I owned (I used to only borrow my friend's copies of Pokemon Red, so I couldn't get too attached).

Played through the game twice. Was going to play it once more but my cartridge got corrupted and my GBA broke as well. Sigh.

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Posts: 44
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    22nd of Sep '18 @ 9:43 PM

Mine is Gen. 5 mostly because of the story and characters. Gen. 4 and Gen. 3 are pretty close behind, however, mostly since they were my introduction to the series.

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Posts: 35
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    23rd of Sep '18 @ 12:23 AM

Gen 1. Pokemon Red on the Game Boy was my first ever exposure to Pokemon, so it'll always have a special place in my heart. Plus, most of my favorite pokemon and Gen 1, like Raichu and Snorlax.

Gen 5 was the weakest generation with regards to pokemon. The storyline was still good, but there was an unusually high output of bad pokemon design for that generation.

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Posts: 50
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    23rd of Sep '18 @ 3:14 PM

gen 3 is my favourite, mostly because it's the one i grew up playing (wasn't able to get the previous generations until a few years ago)

seviper and gengar are two of my absolute favourites. swampert is a very good one as well.

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Posts: 599
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    27th of Sep '18 @ 5:06 AM

i grew up playing soulsilver, so gen 2 all the way!

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    2nd of Oct '18 @ 5:46 PM

Gen 4 was the first one I've ever played. I loved a lot of the pokemon that showed up in that generation and it's music smile_heart.gif

My favorite pokemon has to be Luxray, I still have my original Luxray from Diamond sitting in pokemon ultra sun. c:

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Posts: 2
Avatars: 2/211

    21st of Oct '18 @ 10:52 PM

Second Generation because A. I love the addition of Steel and Dark Types, and B. Crystal was the game I played the most growing up :3

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Posts: 117
Avatars: 61/211

    22nd of Oct '18 @ 7:41 PM

Mine is probably Gen 4; Platinum is pretty fun and HGSS is just amazing smile_heart.gif. Gen 5 is pretty close behind though, it still feels so fresh and unique today!

I had fun with the 3ds games too, but they're so hard for me to replay because I can't stand waiting for the long cutscenes to end

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Posts: 110
Avatars: 33/211

    22nd of Oct '18 @ 8:36 PM

Gen 4 is my favorite! I started at the beginning, but something about DPPt really drew me in, and HGSS were amazing. Gen 7 is shortly behind; it's the gen that made me want to start shiny hunting.

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Posts: 32
Avatars: 20/211

    23rd of Oct '18 @ 10:21 AM

i'm split between gen 4 and 5!
neither were my first game but they had some of my favorite areas in the franchise (celestial tower, turnback cave, giant chasm...)

i actually used to have my first pokemon (from firered) with me on every playthrough that i transferred to my next game as soon as trades were available in a new save

(also gen 7 is close to my heart because of pyukumuku and mimikyu)

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Posts: 32
Avatars: 24/211

    24th of Oct '18 @ 6:42 PM

my absolute favorite pokemon are porygon and arcanine! i have a really personal reason for porygon, but arcanine is mostly just because it's fluffy and doggy and warm

leafgreen was my first game but i'd have to say gen 4 or 7 are my favorites, my least favorite being gen 6.... i'm sorry but x/y were just so unfulfilling for me!!

Trevor - 19 - They

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Posts: 26
Avatars: 23/211

    26th of Oct '18 @ 12:42 AM

This is always a really hard question for me, mostly because there's three generations I love a lot for totally different reasons so they're in a three-way tie for favorite, lol.

Ruby was the first Pokemon game I ever actually owned, and I have a lot of attachment to gen 3 because of my experiences with that game. Pearl and Platinum are probably the two 'core' Pokemon games I have the most time put into over all, and I love so much about those games and a lot of gen 4 Pokemon because of it. On the other hand, I absolutely adore everything about Alola and have since I first got Sun, which is why gen 7 almost instantly jumped to the tied-for-first spot as well.
I don't really have a generation I 'dislike', but I'd say I probably have the least attachment to gen 2. I own both HeartGold and SoulSilver, but neither really stood out to me like other games have.

I love pretty much all grass, bug, and ghost types {no prizes for guessing what my starter was in both Sun and Ultra Sun}, but my favorite Pokemon over all are probably the Porygon line and Alolan Raichu. I've also developed a fondness for Yungoos and Gumshoos thanks to a Gumshoos being a very important part of my team in Ultra Sun. None of which are any of my favorite types! Go figure.

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Posts: 26
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    27th of Oct '18 @ 10:20 PM

I have different favorites based on the criteria, I guess. Sixth gen was my favorite in terms of story and the actual game itself, but the region I like the best is Johto (with Alola as a VERY close second). I put so much time into HeartGold that Johto just kind of started to feel like "home" when I needed somewhere to escape to, and Alola just... Captured the same emotion albeit in a different way under different circumstances.

As for pokemon themselves, my favorite is Espeon! I tend to like fire and psychic types the best (but I also have a soft spot for dark types). I love all the Eeveelutions regardless of type though!

My least favorite generation was fifth gen. I didn't like a lot of the designs and the balance/progression felt... off. Most of the pokemon evolve way too late or learn moves at weird points, they just don't quite feel right compared to the rest of the series.

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Posts: 25
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    7th of Nov '18 @ 9:15 PM

my favorite pokemon is onix! really I love all rock, ground, and steel types but onix has a specifically strong spot in my heart since ive always had one!

my favorite generation is actually unova! I love most of the designs, the npcs were really fun and charming, and I really liked the cities and weather system!

I dont think I have a least favorite generation! I didn't like the gen 3 starters all that much but that was it!


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