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Easter Eggs Data in or out?
Include them with misc items  20% 1 vote
Create a page for easter eggs  80% 4 votes


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    19th of Dec '16 @ 12:46 AM Hasnt voted yet!

Hi everyone.

I need to know what would be good concerning the data for Easter Eggs.

They are categorized as a misc item, so this is why I have made this poll.

I need to know, would you rather have all the Easter Eggs to be inserted with the misc items or a page just related to them.

The first option is the easy way and option 2 is the hard way but with more details.

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    19th of Dec '16 @ 2:43 AM Voted for Create a page for easter eggs

I'm sorry it would be harder work, but if you could set the Easter eggs on their own, that would be lovely! So many of the eggs are used for avatars and they all have their own goodies.

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    19th of Dec '16 @ 9:35 AM Voted for Include them with misc items

I am kind of 50/50 on this one so I have an "alternate" suggestion. I don't know how you plan on organizing the Misc. page but I would see the eggs being ok on the misc. page if they had their own sub-section as opposed to alphabetical or however it is you're doing it smile_tongue.gif

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    19th of Dec '16 @ 10:34 AM Voted for Create a page for easter eggs


I think you should create a separate page for Easter Eggs. It would be great if you did it that way.

Thanks for asking for opinions.

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    19th of Dec '16 @ 1:06 PM Voted for Create a page for easter eggs

I would find having a separate page for the Easter Eggs helpful! I've only been on site for one Easter Event and I'm still pretty fuzzy on the understanding of everything these eggs are used and needed for.

Which eggs were released which years and what comes out of each egg? Which ones are required for certain things? Are some more valuable than others?

There is a lot of information that could be included with these eggs so this would allow the space needed to explain everything. If there are new eggs released in the future (like there was this past year), I'd think it'd be helpful to be able to compare them all in one easily accessed space!

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    20th of Dec '16 @ 4:34 AM Voted for Create a page for easter eggs

I think creating a separate page for Easter Eggs as a subsection of miscellaneous items would be great smile_happy.gif

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