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» Finally I have time to Gift post your wishlists here

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    11th of Dec '16 @ 4:42 AM

As it states I want to try and give you something you want so

Check out my gallery its got a lot of neat stuff in and its all for sale! prices lower than the shop searcher to

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    11th of Dec '16 @ 12:09 PM


These are some of the things I want (Ill put some easier to get things first, I don't expect anyone to get me anything crazy or expensive) :

Collection-Fillers (found in my gallery):

- Dark Chocolate Pets
- Special Plushies
- Christmas items
- Ori-themed items


- Space Ori Morphing Potion
- Rainbow/Pirate Jakrit Morphing Potion
- Christmas Snow Jar
- Rave Snow Jar
- Space Snow Jar

There are other things I like on my Profile, but they are more expensive so you don't have to look at them smile_ohcrap.gif

Thanks in advance! smile_happy.gif

~ Call me Frossy ~

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    12th of Dec '16 @ 3:51 PM

- Custom Avatar
- Morphing Potions/Snow Jars
- Tokens

Or anything really! I haven't had to the chance to build up my wishlist since I returned. Thanks!

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    13th of Dec '16 @ 11:44 AM

@Kirsty KIRSTY!!!! *runs in sideways, slides and falls over! I'm so happy to see you again smile_grin.gif

My Christmas wishies are easy to guess.... pretty much anything Zabeu = Love smile_heart.gif

...goes to snoop your profile for your Christmas wishes smile_star.gif

<<BUYING 0r1 5t4mp It's from the Raffle Scratchcards. Please contact me if you have it for sale!!!>>

Happy Yule and Happy New Year!

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    14th of Dec '16 @ 6:25 PM

I would like any morphing potions I don't have or any collection items I don't have please. But any gift will be a great gift to me 😊

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    15th of Dec '16 @ 10:35 AM

I'm currently trying to fill Rads closet so mps would be great! Especially the seasonal ones Christmas/Halloween for example. I'm sure they're more expensive though(?) So just any color Rad doesn't already have would be great!

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    15th of Dec '16 @ 11:46 AM


I like to collect plushies, usually Christmas, Rave, Pinata, and Love ones.

But this isn't complete without a list from you. What are your wishlist items?

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

Buying your Christmas Ridix Plush and Christmas Xephyr Plush - Message me

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Staff Manager

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    15th of Dec '16 @ 11:57 AM

@Kirsty Moving to Contests & Giveaways. This is so sweet of you!

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    15th of Dec '16 @ 5:38 PM


* Pet Slot Keys

* Evil Dabu Morphing Potion
* Halloween Ori Morphing Potion
* Storm Ori Morphing Potion
* Woodland Wulfer Morphing Potion
* Halloween Traptur Morphing Potion
* Fairy Makoat Morphing Potion
* Evil Dovu Morphing Potion
* Halloween Dovu Morphing Potion
* Halloween Dabu Morphing Potion
* Halloween Krittle Morphing Potion
* Stamps missing from my collection
* Ice Cubes missing from my collection

Though I'll be truthful, I'm most focused on stamps to get my collection looking less... miserable smile_wink.gif

Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try.

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Posts: 4457
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    19th of Dec '16 @ 11:15 AM

Ok finally caught up with this board and given everyone who has posted a gift from their wishlist i hope haha

Check out my gallery its got a lot of neat stuff in and its all for sale! prices lower than the shop searcher to

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