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    11th of Nov '16 @ 6:35 PM

This is a guide for Newbies who need help finding their way across the site!

Where you can shop:
You can go to user shops by going to Shops>Shop Search. You can also find NPC stores in Shops>Main Shops or Explore>Terrafrost, and from their you can go to a certain place where there are various shops for different items!

Equiping Items:
You can equip items by going into Personal>My Pets. From there, select the pet as your active pet, by clicking on the link, 'Make Active Pet'. Then, once their your active pet, go into Personal>Inventory, wher you click on the Beauty Item/Book, and read/equip it to your pet.

Same as equiping items. Go into Personal>My Pets. Make the pet you want to feed/play with, active pet by clicking the link above their picture that says, 'Make active pet'. Then, once their your active, go into your inventory and select the item you want to use. Then click the link that says either 'Feed' or 'Play'.

What you can and can't use/equip:
You can't 'Equip' food and play items. You can use, AKA feed/play, them on your active pet, but not 'Equip'. You can 'Equip', however, Beauty Items and Books. Neither can you 'Equip' battle items. Those can't really do much for you except quests, but they may do something later!

To do quests, go to The 'Games' tab. If you scroll down enough, you will find Quests. In these quests, you get certain items for NPCs, and in return you get IP and a item back. You will also get quest points, which if you get enough of them, you can go to the quest store and buy some nice items!

IP and IC:
IP (Icepoints) is the basic money, or currency, of the game. You can buy most anything using IP. Then, theirs IC (Ice cash.) IC is used in a special store, with special items. This is very hard to get, unless you pay real life money for it! You can get it from voting, around 2 IC will be rewarded for doing so.

I hope that this was helpful to any newbies who are reading, so thank you for reading, and see you!

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