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    22nd of Oct '16 @ 5:23 PM

Official Roleplay Central Forum Rules

What is Roleplaying?

Roleplaying, or RPing, is a social activity where two or more users create a story. Each user controls/assumes the role of their own character or set of characters. Players take turns writing posts to further the story: one person writes the story from their character’s point of view, and then, in response, the other person writes what happens next from their character's point of view. Roleplaying is to be written in paragraph form, like a book. When a character speaks, it is in quotations. Roleplaying is a fun social activity in which any users can participate in, provided they follow the rules set forth by the original poster (and of course, the site rules always apply).

Before posting on our forums it is your obligation to familarize yourself with our general rules, which can be found in our Terms and Conditions. Our site rules always apply when posting on the forums.

- SPAM is not allowed here or anywhere on IcePets. To reduce potential spamming, there is a minimum of 350 characters per post, which will be enforced. If you need to get a character count, use Google Docs or Word.

- Use proper grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability. Any non-literate or script like RPs should be posted in Forum Games.

- Avoid double posting. This excludes having a "rules/information/character" post and then an actual RPing post. Use the “edit” button whenever you need to revise or add to a post.

- A minimum of two users are needed to participate in a roleplay. There is no maximum.

- This forum is to be kept PG-13. Anything that the Moderators decide does not fall under PG-13 may be edited or deleted.

- No “power playing” (controlling someone else’s character, as well as your own, without permission) or “god modding” (giving your character infinite or nearly infinite powers) unless you have been given permission by your RP partner.

- Threads in this forum will be considered open for all users. If you do not want this to be the case, please title your RP with [Private] when creating the thread.

- If you have a one on one [1x1] roleplay, please use private messaging to discuss plots, characters, and other aspects of your story, and the forum for the actual story.

- If you have any questions regarding roleplaying on this forum, you can message or ping a Moderator on this thread.

- The Roleplay Forum is for all posts regarding roleplaying. However, please refrain from holding Out of Character (OOC) conversations on this forum.

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