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» Since there hasn't been a post her since July... Any other newbies doing Cecie's Disappearance at the moment?

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    17th of Dec '17 @ 12:00 AM


You can do it! They’re tricky at first so let me know if you get stuck at all!
Some of those items can be hard to find!

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Team Yellow Sharshel

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Posts: 19
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    21st of Dec '17 @ 6:53 PM

I'm on chapter 5 now... it's really hard to get so many forum posts!


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    23rd of Dec '17 @ 2:11 AM

@santablitz Just jump in to the Forums and chat or comment - introductions is excellent, site features, the news, always something in those. And if you haven't yet reached your goal, here you have this one you can respond to!

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Team Red Dovu

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    5th of May '18 @ 10:23 AM

I'm in Chapter 1 and I read the news broadcast #1 but now I don't know what to do :/


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    9th of May '18 @ 4:48 PM

The 30 posts have me stuck at the moment. I'm literally just posting here so I can be one post closer to the goal haha.

If you feel you do not belong in this world, it is because you were born to create a new one.

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