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    18th of Sep '16 @ 10:39 PM

Pencil Plushie

We have been making a few subtle text changes around the site. A few typos fixed here, some shop name changes there, and even a few old books getting polished up! The Editors are working hard to make things consistent and accurate around the site!

TurnipDirt Cider

You heard that right, @sarsaprilly and @Skeleton have joined the IcePets Staff as new Editors! You can always check the Staff page to see who is on our team.

And remember, if you ever spot any spelling or grammatical errors, please report your find on the Spelling/Grammar Errors thread.

Helper Avatar

A new Hidden Avatar is available for you to collect! This one will be awarded manually by Staff members when we feel like you've helped out around the site. This can include things like messaging us regarding exploits, assisting with errors or mistakes, or lending a hand to other users with issues.

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    18th of Sep '16 @ 10:41 PM

ANOTHER NEW AVATAR smile_grin.gif It is SO cute! Thank you guys!

And welcome to new staff smile_heart.gif

Avatars : 181/206

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    18th of Sep '16 @ 11:03 PM

Many thanks to the staff for working so diligently behind the scenes smile_yes.gif

Congratulations to @sarsaprilly and @Skeleton for joining the team! smile_happy.gif

<<BUYING It's from the Raffle Scratchcards. Please contact me if you have it for sale!!! I'm desperate, it's the last stamp in my album.

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    18th of Sep '16 @ 11:34 PM

Congrats to the new staff! That's awesome smile_happy.gif

And love the new avatar!

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    19th of Sep '16 @ 3:07 AM

Congrats to @sarsaprilly and @Skeleton!

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    19th of Sep '16 @ 10:55 AM

This is GREAT! I also smile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif the new avatar DOOMED BY SANDWICHES! Makes me think of the sandwiches I put together! smile_laugh.gif

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    19th of Sep '16 @ 2:16 PM

Congratulations to the new Staff!

. . . . .

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    21st of Sep '16 @ 8:36 PM

smile_yes.gif congrats guys!!


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