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    8th of Jul '16 @ 11:57 PM

I've not seen any threads here where you rp as your pet. I bet there is, but I can't find any. You're not you, the owner, you are literally your pet. The catch is, you're nowhere near civilization. Let me set the scene.

The owners of Terrafrost decide to reward their pets. Together they collectively paid to send them on a cruise ship, set on course around the world. During the trip, a critical failure drives the ship off course. It crashes on a remote island in the middle of the ocean. With no way home and no way to contack their owners, the pets now must work together to survive.

So there you go! The pets are stranded. Now on to the rules:

1: Only one pet per person. Sorry but letting people play multiple pets will get confusing.
2: Make your character either a pet you own or a pet you are going to make.
3: If you want your character to be a certain color, go for it. The pet itself just has to exist, it's current color doesn't matter.
4: Special pet colors have special abilites. Flying pets can fly, Firebreathing pets can breath fire, and Space pets can float, etc.
5: No Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters, meaning your character cannot be perfect. It must have fears, anxieties, goals, personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses.
6: To keep the thread alive, the owners will never find the pets.
7: If one wants to quit roleplaying here or wants to roleplay as a different pet, their current pet must die or mysteriously vanish in some way.
8. This should be obvious, but your character has to be your pet.

There isn't an exact rank system. Everyone hunts, everyone builds, everyone fights, etc. There is no one leader, rather a group of pets that keep things in order. If there is a low food supply, they get pets to hunt with them. If there's a threat nearby, they rally the pets to attack.

Leading Pets:
1. Blackhole (Voidfur)

Dead/Lost Pets:


Flying: Can fly
Firebreathing: Can breath fire
Ancient: Can lift things, clearing paths and help building
Rave: Their lights help with activities after dark
Space: Can float
Storm: Can manipulate storms, creating or disbanding them

Those are the useful abilities I've come up with. On to the sign up!


So I'm first!

Name: Blackhole
Gender: Female
Species: Ridix
Color: Space
Personality: Kind and caring
Strengths: Able to calm others easily, strong
Weaknesses: Slightly clumsy, trusts too easily sometimes

So what do you say? PM me if you'd like to get rid of your character, give the reason why, and how. If by death, specify how because I will announce it to the others. Also PM me if you have questions about what is allowed in the roleplay.

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    2nd of Dec '16 @ 9:56 PM

Ooh this looks fun

Name: Bloodfire Rose (Bloodfire is her family name)
Gender: Female
Species: Krittle
Color: Red
Personality: Loud, brave, loyal
Strengths: Strong, fast, acts quickly
Weaknesses: Stubborn, overconfident, jumps to conclusions a lot.

Hallo. Something will probably be here eventually.

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    10th of Sep '17 @ 12:14 AM

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