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» Endangered Animals

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    20th of May '16 @ 7:34 PM

There are many endangered animals, and I wanted to know which one you guys want to save the most and why you think that animal should be saved first.
I really want to save the Cottontop Tamarin.
Not only is it critically endangered, but it is the only monkey that I actually like, in terms of appearance. It only has an estimated population of 6,000.
They don't have much of their habitat left, either. And they have a good amount of predators, being small. They even seem to have grammar rules! I think this species of monkey is really interesting, and should be saved the first.

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    29th of May '16 @ 1:56 PM

I saw an museum exhibit of Near East artifacts recently--there were ivory carvings from Syrian elephants, which were hunted to extinction in antiquity. Thought it was pretty interesting that humans caused various animal extinctions even before industrialization, guns, etc.

At the risk of normalizing species extinction, I don't really think any organism deserves to continue existing. I like the Yangtze finless porpoise though (they have silly smiles!). Hope they stick around.


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    29th of May '16 @ 3:58 PM

For me, I would probably choose snow leopards. Not only to they have the most fantabulous tails, but also they're is an estimate of less than 7,000 left in the wild. Also, we say that they kill people, but there are only two known instances when a snow leopard attacked a

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    10th of Jul '16 @ 3:37 PM

All living things are vital, as all living things, including man, are interconnected. However, I read in Scientific American somewhere back that the first sign of a civilizations demise is the disappearance of the amphibians. Many species of frogs, etc. are now becoming extinct. I think we'd better learn the why of it.

smile_meow.gif We need to strive toward saving all creatures, because they're here for a reason, like each and every one of us. smile_yes.gif

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    10th of Jul '16 @ 3:56 PM

I would place priority on species that are most important to the survival of ecosystems. Of course, all life is equal, but, in my opinion, it's best to save species that can help prevent extinction of others. Unfortunately, these efforts usually go only to the cute, marketable animals, such as pandas. Don't get me wrong, I definitely don't want them to go extinct, but they're not the most crucial animals when it comes to the structure of nature.

Posted by Lokki

However, I read in Scientific American somewhere back that the first sign of a civilizations demise is the disappearance of the amphibians.

This sounds very interesting. Why are amphibians considered an indicator of a civilization's status?


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    18th of Dec '16 @ 3:35 AM

I would say bees as they pollinate a lot of plants, though I'm not sure if they are considered endangered or not. :/


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    15th of Apr '17 @ 3:46 AM

I think there is a bumblebee that's finally been listed as Endangered.

There are so many animals that I'd love to see preserved. I don't think I could pick just one smile_happy.gif

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    16th of Apr '17 @ 1:13 AM

I agree with Coastpony, it's really difficult just to pick one. In my opinion, it's a shame and embarrassment for all of humankind for there to be any animals that are endangered.

However, one of the most important at this point in history, are bees! Without them, our ecosystem literally collapses on itself and we cannot survive. It's disgusting that it took us getting to a spot where we're directly effected to care about an endangered animal, but I'm glad that people are starting to pay attention now.

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    2nd of Jul '17 @ 12:26 PM

One of the biggest ones I'd say is bees. If we were to lose them, we would lose some of the best pollinators out there! That, and we'd lose quite a lot more than just that.

Other than bees, I would really like Pangolins to have a bit more help on top of the already existing help fr them. I did a project on them in high school, and they're absolutely adorable ; v;


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    6th of Jul '17 @ 9:57 PM

I also agree with CoastPony and Nati. It's so hard to choose one, and I feel that prioritizing one over another might throw off nature's delicate balance. A lot of people are saying bees, though butterflies and the wind pollinate quite a few plants as well.

But if I had to choose, I'd probably go along the lines of YayChocolate.

On that note..

^this is pretty funny, I think


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    1st of Jan '18 @ 7:44 PM

I'm a devotee of giant pandas, and was very glad when they announced them to be no longer endangered!

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    2nd of Jan '18 @ 6:17 AM

When I was in middle school, we had to do an endangered species report, and I knew everyone would pick cute or popular ones, so I found a plant. A tropical tree whose name I forget. I emailed like the 1 scientist who studied them and they gave me a bunch of info for my report XD And yeah, I was the only person who did a plant.

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