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    24th of May '16 @ 1:08 PM

Are you still doing this? If you are, do you still have any Halloween Novyn Masks left? If you do, you can look through my gallery and see if there's anything at all you would want for one. If not, then...I tried xD

You're changing my heart to want what You want,
To love how You love, and that is enough,
There's no greater plan that I need to know,
You only ask me to follow...
~What You Want by Tenth Avenue North

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    22nd of Oct '16 @ 2:36 PM


Sorry all, I'd gotten busy and this thread got away from me. It's been updated and I'm selling again. smile_happy.gif

Click here to check out my Storage Spring Cleaning Sale!

“Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place.”
-Robert Brault

Come visit the Half Price Wearhouse today! ^^

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    27th of Apr '17 @ 8:57 PM

I don't got anything to trade but ips
How much is the snowy stamp thingy
And the 2014 book?
And the team green and blue audril profile akin

Thanks to @Ebonyinferno for the banner

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