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» Choose upcoming monthly I.C.E. Shop themes!

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Which theme would you like?
Back to School  7% 3 votes
Space  21% 9 votes
Country  10% 4 votes
Traptur  7% 3 votes
Vintage  26% 11 votes
Steampunk  29% 12 votes

    14th of Apr '16 @ 12:59 PM Hasnt voted yet!

As you have probably noticed, the I.C.E. Shop has three monthly items, each month is dedicated to a certain theme. We have decided to let you help to choose the themes for the upcoming months!

Please note that the winning option will not be created for the next month as it takes time and effort to create the items!

& we ripped up the ending, and the rules, and destiny, leaving nothing but freedom and choice.

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Posts: 189
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    14th of Apr '16 @ 1:12 PM Voted for Space

screams omgggggg space is my aesthetic i have my fingers crossed for this one!!!! (although steampunk would be really cool too)

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Posts: 3213
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    14th of Apr '16 @ 1:27 PM Voted for Space

Space for me smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 4804
Avatars: 193/213

    14th of Apr '16 @ 1:47 PM Voted for Vintage

Well, my first instinct was for Vintage but when I think vintage, I think classic like old Victorian style and stuff so hopefully I'm not wrong there lol

Country and Steampunk were close seconds.

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Posts: 51
Avatars: 16/213

    14th of Apr '16 @ 1:48 PM Voted for Steampunk


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    14th of Apr '16 @ 1:50 PM Voted for Country

My first choice was Steampunk, but when I thought a little bit more about it, country came to mind.

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Posts: 581
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    14th of Apr '16 @ 1:56 PM Voted for Steampunk

As much as I love space, we already have plenty of space themed items. I'm thinking Steampunk sounds radical!!

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    14th of Apr '16 @ 2:17 PM Voted for Steampunk

I think a steampunk would be nice. o,o

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Posts: 1251
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    14th of Apr '16 @ 2:43 PM Voted for Vintage

Cant decide between Vintage and Steampunk..

Both seem very awsome...

i will go for vintage!

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Posts: 738
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    14th of Apr '16 @ 3:37 PM Voted for Space

I like space. smile_heart.gifsmile_star.gif

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Posts: 3886
Avatars: 121/213

    14th of Apr '16 @ 4:29 PM Voted for Steampunk

This was a tough one - I love both space and steampunk, but I have to go with Steampunk.

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Posts: 292
Avatars: 154/213

    14th of Apr '16 @ 5:20 PM Voted for Space

Oh god, why do you give me so many incredible choices??? Vintage and Steampunk are so tempting, but I have to go with Space, since I am obsessed with space. (Please also make the others, though. Seriously; please.)


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Posts: 1679
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    14th of Apr '16 @ 5:48 PM Voted for Country

This was a hard one... I wanted to say Space, and almost did, and still kind of want to, but... I think I'd rather see what you Staffers would do with Vintage... I would also prefer a more antiquey vintage, but I know there's a difference between antique and vintage and what was vintage before is antique now... I would love to want Steampunk, but I get very sad and angry about "modern steampunk" style and this site seems like it could easily go that way with it, so I would like to put a negative vote on Steampunk... :C Sorry, Steampunk potential... smile_sad.gif (Also, just a note, "modern steampunk" is a trigger for me, so ye been warned. smile_wink.gif ) Though, if it went in a traditional steampunk way, then I'd vote for that. ^_^

You know what, after thinking about it more, I'm changing my vote to Country. -_- I don't want to risk the Vintage being CD players and the like, I'd want any Space stuff to be regularly available and not restricted to 1 month in the I.C.E Shop, same as Space for Trapturs, or Steampunk being cybernetic... smile_ohcrap.gif I'm not really interested in what would pass as Back to School nowadays and Country has some real nice potential. So I'm going with Country. ^_^

Yes, an opinion without Pi is an onion.

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Posts: 1356
Avatars: 133/213

    14th of Apr '16 @ 11:23 PM Voted for Vintage

It was either between space or vintage. But I'm leaning towards vintage more since it would be awesome to see what some vintage item will come to life here in icepets.

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    15th of Apr '16 @ 3:25 AM Voted for Vintage

So many great options, but I'm going with vintage.

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Staff Manager

Posts: 4636
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    15th of Apr '16 @ 12:14 PM Voted for Vintage

The 1940s and 1950s are my aesthetic. smile_cool.gif

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Posts: 8
Avatars: 17/213

    15th of Apr '16 @ 5:42 PM Voted for Vintage

Everything in today's logic is all tech savy, it be nice to see some olden color on some sites.

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Posts: 8
Avatars: 12/213

    15th of Apr '16 @ 10:45 PM Voted for Space

I am obsessed with space and astronomy, I would vote space personally smile_star.gifsmile_heart.gif


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Posts: 130
Avatars: 112/213

    16th of Apr '16 @ 1:10 AM Voted for Steampunk

So many lovely choices, but Steampunk is closest to my smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 484
Avatars: 178/213

    16th of Apr '16 @ 6:49 AM Voted for Country

My vote is for country!

I am a tap-dancing ballerina fairy princess veterinarian...or possibly a ball-playing cowboy superhero soldier pirate.

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Posts: 613
Avatars: 145/213

    16th of Apr '16 @ 8:06 AM Voted for Steampunk

Steampunk sounds fun.

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Posts: 65
Avatars: 66/213

    16th of Apr '16 @ 6:36 PM Voted for Space

space- its just so pretty!

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Posts: 240
Avatars: 78/213

    16th of Apr '16 @ 7:37 PM Voted for Space

I obviously picked space - after all, I don't think there could possibly be any other option I could have picked smile_laugh.gif

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Posts: 5951
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    17th of Apr '16 @ 12:10 PM Voted for Back to School

I'm a sucker for education

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Posts: 6988
Avatars: 151/213

    19th of Apr '16 @ 9:38 PM Voted for Back to School

I want to choose Space but we already have so many space-themed items. Back to School it is! smile_heart.gif

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