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    12th of Apr '16 @ 9:54 PM

Collecting the fancy plushies on the site? Use @Cowpro's link and go to . Put the list below on one side and what you have on the other side. It will tell you what you're missing.

Complete Pose-Changing Plushie List:
Updated December 16th, 2016

60s audril plushie
60s cobron plushie
60s dabu plushie
60s makoat plushie
60s ori plushie
60s sharshel plushie
60s traptur plushie
60s wulfer plushie
60s zabeu plushie
acidic tarantula plushie
ah-hah! plushies
ancient jakrit plushie
ancient makoat plushie
ancient xephyr plushie
angelic makoat plushie
angry black cat plushie
baby jakrit plushie
baby makoat plushie
baby sharshel plushie
baby xephyr plushie
bat plushie
big fat cat plushie
big fat chicken plushie
birthday present plushie
black cat plushie
blitzen reindeer plushie
blueberry ice cream cone plushie
blueberry swirl ice cream cone plushie
bomb plushie
bonsai plushiee
butterscotch swirl ice cream cone plushie
carved pumpkin bat plushie
carved pumpkin cat plushie
carved pumpkin plushie
chocolate egg plushie
chocolate ice cream cone plushie
chocolate swirl ice cream cone plushie
christmas star plushie
chubby makoat plushie
clown ghost plushie
comet reindeer plushie
crystal ridix plushie
crystal sharshel plushie
crystal xephyr plushie
cuddly arctic wolf plushie
cuddly axolotl plushie
cuddly blue whale plushie
cuddly chicken plushie
cuddly chimp plushie
cuddly dodo plushie
cuddly dragon plushie
cuddly fennec fox plushie
cuddly ferret plushie
cuddly giraffe plushie
cuddly harp seal plushie
cuddly horse plushie
cuddly husky plushie
cuddly iguana plushie
cuddly kangaroo plushie
cuddly manatee plushie
cuddly octopus plushie
cuddly opossum plushie
cuddly panda plushie
cuddly penguin plushie
cuddly phoenix plushie
cuddly plesiosaur plushie
cuddly pterodactyl plushie
cuddly raccoon plushie
cuddly red fox plushie
cuddly red macaw plushie
cuddly red panda plushie
cuddly sheep plushie
cuddly skunk plushie
cuddly sloth plushie
cuddly snake plushie
cuddly snow leopard plushie
cuddly sugar glider plushie
cuddly triceratops plushie
cuddly unicorn plushie
cupid reindeer plushie
cute emoticon plushies
dagger plushie
dancer reindeer plushie
dasher reindeer plushie
donner reindeer plushie
dragon statue plushie
ducky plushie
earth jakrit egg plushie
earth plushie
easter dabu plushie
elements jakrit egg plushie
elf plushie
evil makoat plushie
evil penguin plushie
evil traptur plushie
evil xephyr plushie
extraterrestrial plushie
fairy makoat plushie
fairy ori plushie
fancy ghost plushie
fire jakrit egg plushie
firebreathing dabu plushie
firebreathing dovu plushie
firebreathing jakrit plushie
firebreathing ori plushie
firebreathing ridix plushie
firebreathing trido plushie
firebreathing wulfer plushie
firebreathing xephyr plushie
flying makoat plushie
flying xephyr plushie
furious evil penguin plushie
gemstone plushies
halloween makoat plushie
halloween novyn plushie
halloween ridix plushie
halloween zabeu plushie
heart plushie
hedgehog plushie
jack frost plushie
jupiter plushie
leaf plushie
love audril plushie
love makoat plushie
love traptur plushie
love trido plushie
love wulfer plushie
magical strawberry swirl plushie
mars plushie
mercury plushie
meteora plushie
mint ice cream cone plushie
mrs clause plushie
mummified black cat plushie
mummy plushie
murderous tarantula plushie
neptune plushie
new years eve rocket plushie
notebook plushie
party cobron plushie
party makoat plushie
pencil plushie
pinata dabu plushie
pinata makoat plushie
pinata ridix plushie
pinata sharshel plushie
pinata trido plushie
pinata xephyr plushie
pirate makoat plushie
pirate novyn plushie
plushie audril hat
plushie audril morphing potion
plushie audril plushie
plushie cobron morphing potion
plushie coin
plushie dabu morphing potion
plushie dabu plushie
plushie ice cube
plushie jakrit cube plush
plushie jakrit morphing potion
plushie love stamp
plushie ori morphing potion
plushie quest prize list
plushie quest request list
plushie ridix hot water bottle
plushie ridix morphing potion
plushie snow jar
plushie snow jar ice cube
plushie traptur morphing potion
plushie trido morphing potion
plushie trido pinata 2013
plushie wulfer morphing potion
plushie xephyr morphing potion
plushie xephyr plushie
pluto plushie
poisonous tarantula plushie
prancer reindeer plushie
prankster makoat plushie
pumpkin plushie
radioactive tarantula plushie
raffle npc plushie
raffle ticket plushie
rainbow grenade plushie
rave dabu plushie
rave ridix plushie
rave wulfer plushie
rave xephyr plushie
reading black bear plushie
reindeer plushie
rocketship plushie
roosting bird plushies
rudolph reindeer plushie
santa plushie
saturn plushie
scared black cat plushie
skeletal jakrit plushie
skeletal wulfer plushie
snow owl plushie
snowflake plushie
snowman plushie
space dabu plushie
space dovu plushie
space ridix plushie
space xephyr plushie
space zabeu plushie
special cottoncandy jakrit plushie
spooky ghost plushie
spooky slender plushie
spooky spider plushie
strawberry ice cream cone plushie
strawberry swirl ice cream cone plushie
sun parakeet plushie
tech jakrit plushie
tech sharshel plushie
tech traptur plushie
tech wulfer plushie
tech zabeu plushie
terrafrost plushie
torn heart plushie
trivvy plushie
ufo plushie
uranus plushie
vampire plushie
vanilla ice cream cone plushie
venus plushie
vixen reindeer plushie
walking jellyfish plushie
wendigo plushie
werewolf plushie
wind jakrit egg plushie
witch plushie
witches broomstick plushie
woodland makoat plushie
woodland traptur plushie
yule black cat plushie
zombie plushie

ace plush
angelic fluffy makoat plush
angry ori plush
autumn dabu plush
autumn novyn plush
blue fluffy makoat plush
blue jakrit cube plush
bulldog plush
champagne plush
christmas dovu plush
christmas novyn plush
christmas ridix plush
christmas xephyr plush
easter makoat plush
evil cobron plush
evil cupid plush
evil dovu plush
evil jakrit plush
evil novyn plush
evil ridix plush
fairy wulfer plush
fall leaf plush
fat hamster plush
frankensteins monster plush
gift wrapped ori plush
green jakrit cube plush
halloween cobron plush
halloween ori plush
halloween trido plush
handmade makoat plush
industrial cobron plush
love dabu plush
love novyn plush
love ori plush
love ridix plush
love sharshel plush
love xephyr plush
love zabeu plush
new years cake plush
pink fluffy makoat plush
plump turkey plush
prankster ori plush
present plush
purple fluffy makoat plush
purple jakrit cube plush
rainbow audril plush
rainbow traptur plush
red jakrit cube plush
sacrificed dabu plush
skull plush
sleeping baby sharshel plush
space cat plush
space wulfer plush
speedie plush
sun plush
tombstone plush
weapons trido plush
winter dovu plush
winter novyn plush
winter ridix plush
yellow jakrit cube plush

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Team Green Trido

Posts: 5973
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    12th of Apr '16 @ 10:24 PM



Thank you for this list, I've always lowkey wanted to collect plushies, this is very useful!!

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Posts: 802
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    2nd of Aug '16 @ 12:37 PM

Updated today smile_yes.gif

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Posts: 802
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    16th of Dec '16 @ 2:22 PM

Updated today, get your wishlists on your profile!

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Posts: 32
Avatars: 6/219

    28th of Dec '16 @ 6:29 AM

@Zizelly Special as in they morph your pets or special as in not common? 😂 I'm confused!


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    28th of Dec '16 @ 7:09 PM



Morphing potions (change species and color) and snowjars (change color) change your pet, plushies do not. Special plushies are just regular plushies that were drawn in different poses instead of the basic colored plushies like grey makoat plushie or blue dabu plushie.

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Team Green Trido

Posts: 446
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    16th of Jun '17 @ 3:54 AM

Thanks for the info and all your hard work!

Trading for Missing Plushies See my Profile

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