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» Rams Of The Lost Valley RP

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    10th of Apr '16 @ 8:43 PM

The world is barren and dying. There is a lush, green area completely surrounded by mountains. It’s the only hospitable land left. Two herds of sheep have settled in this area, separated by a river. The herds have grown into clans with the occasional sheep finding the oasis and joining one. Even though they are in such a small space, living so close to each other, they developed different traditions with different ideals and priorities.

The clan that lies north of the river is The Hooves Of Vitality. They value order over anything. They follow the word of their leader and affection or praise is seen as a reward that has to be earned. Despite the strict rule and limited vocal freedom, the members below the leader are given food, medicine, and supplies in equal parts. So if one member gets 1 ration of food, all members get 1 ration of food. The leader gets twice as much as the others. The clan's Guardians are also able to go longer without food, but need more healing if they are actually starving.

The clan to the south is The Horns Of Strength. They care about the well-being of the members. Members will be healed almost right away after a battle and they are given a higher amount of food and supplies. There is a leader, though they aren't as corrupt as The Hooves Of Vitality's leader. They don't act as a superior being, but as an equal who just has a little more responsibility than the others. This clan allows it's members to ask the leader to consider something as well as give advice to the leader about what the members may need at the moment. They are more resilient in the winter and the Guardians are stronger, but they are a little slower than the other clan.

Leaders get an apprentice. In The Hooves Of Vitality, the apprentice has to be the leader's son/daughter. This means that the leader absolutely has to have a child.

The Horns Of Strength's leader can choose their apprentice, regardless of whether or not they are related to them. This means they don't have to have a child, and the child won't be guaranteed to become the leader.

Guardians in both clans go to battle against the opposite clan when battle is waged.

Foragers in both clans gather food, medicine, and supplies.

Healers in both clans heal sheep after battles/accidents/natural disasters.
The form is -
Gender: (Ram, Ewe)
Age: (Lamb, Adult)
Rank: (Leader, Guardian, Healer, Forager)
Clan: (Hooves Of Vitality, Horns Of Strength)

If you want to show an drawing of your sheep instead of describing the appearance, you can. Ram is male. Ewe is female.

I will also post random events, season changes, and day/night transitions. They will be in italics, so it'd look something like this: Season changed to XXX.

I will sometimes post a cease-fire event. This means that there can’t be any battling for a whole in-rp day or for as long as a clan is weakened. Most of the time, a cease-fire will be after something significant. So say that there is a fire in The Horns Of Strength’s territory and half the food is lost. That means that because they are weakened, The Hooves Of Vitality can’t fight them until their food is restored. If it wasn’t weakening to the clan, like, say a wolf killed two lambs, the cease-fire will only last a day. A cease-fire can last 4 days at the most.

During a cease-fire or peaceful time, members of the two clans can meet at the river and talk/trade. If sheep from different clans have a child, the leaders get to choose where it belongs.

Name: Gorse
Gender: Ram
Age: Adult
Rank: Leader
Clan: Horns Of Strength
Personality: Gorse is a dependable and conscientious individual. He leads in a kind and gentle way, willing to listen to what others have to say. He often asks the members of the clan their opinion before making a big decision. He’s afraid of failing the clan.
Appearance: Gorse Appearance

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