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    8th of Jan '16 @ 9:36 PM

Welcome to IcePets!

Hello, and thank you for joining this wonderful virtual pet site. You may be a little overwhelmed with how features are arranged and what there we have to offer. I have made this guide in an attempt to help you through the “newbie” process.

Please, please, PLEASE read our rules, found at . It is so important that you follow these rules because we pride ourselves on a great community. The rules are in place to keep that great community thriving.

The first thing you will want to do, is acquire a pet. Click on “Explore” then “Adopt a Pet” and you can choose to “Create” a brand new pet, which you uniquely name, or “Adopt”, in which you can adopt a pet that was previously created by another user. To get an idea of what pets can look like when morphing potions or snow jars are used on them, take a look at the link that says “View Pet Colors”.

Once you have your pet, you may want to start making IcePoints (ip). In my opinion, the best way for a new player to do this is to play games. Simply click on the Games section, and play a few of our flash games and other IP awarding features to get a nice little nest egg. You can earn over 150k ip per day from just games, so they really are worth it!

Now that you’re all gamed out, let’s get started on the Dragon Quest. This is a quest EVERY user encounters after they have created an account. You’ll be asked complete simple tasks such as “Friend” a staff member, “message” a staff member, and post about yourself in the forums. Don’t be shy! As I’ve already mentioned, everyone must complete these tasks. You are not bothering anyone! In fact, as a staff member’s perspective, I rather enjoy getting mails from friendly new users!

After you have completed a few dragon quests, he will want you to start questing for other NPCs (Non-playable characters), such as the Weapon’s Trido and the Space Dovu. These quests are also found on the Games page, and there is quite a variety of quests to choose from (however the Dragon will ask you to complete a certain number of specific ones). Quests are your secondary source of IP. Try not to spend too much on an item. I try not to spend more than 10k to complete a quest. If you do not want to get an item, you can just cancel the quest.

Note: will be expanding periodically!

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