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» The Traveling Audril Morphing Potion

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Should the MP be changed?
Recreate the color  33% 1 vote
Replace the MP  33% 1 vote
Leave it as is  33% 1 vote


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    12th of Dec '15 @ 1:25 AM Hasnt voted yet!

So everyone knows about the Traveling Audril and how scarce it is to find across Icepet profiles...


The Audril has been the only pet for this color for a Ilong time. But nobody really seems to show enough interest in the color for more pets to be made, or even its own Snow Jar. So my question is... should it be modified, replaced, or left as is?

Recreate the color - Remake the whole "traveling" look into something more appealing to the community
Replace the MP - Replace the Morphing Potion with a current (unreleased) color for the Audril and replace all current Traveling Audrils with that color
Leave it as is - Leave the MP and pet in its current state. Maybe the popularity will grow over time?

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    3rd of Dec '16 @ 12:16 PM Voted for Replace the MP


I have no clue about this thing! What is it? Put up a link please! But... I think, whatever it is, it should be known better.

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    3rd of Dec '16 @ 7:20 PM Hasnt voted yet!



The Travelling Audril was the only pet species to have a "Travelling" color created for it. For the reasons already listed above, staff recreated this pet and it changed into 'Rainbow' instead.


Since this change, there has been a handful of other Rainbow pets released as well! This is a new thing that only changed earlier this year. but it sort of makes this thread irrelevant now.

In my opinion, I quite adore the new Rainbow pets! So I'm glad for the change! I just wish I had a few Travelling Audril Potions stashed away in my storage before it happened!

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    15th of Nov '17 @ 1:44 PM Voted for Leave it as is

Awe, I kinda like the traveling Audril!

MOTM 02/02/18

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    1st of Jan '18 @ 7:37 PM Voted for Recreate the color

It would be neat to see other pets in the color. But the Audril on its own doesn't really impress me.

Imma make a deal with the bad wolf so the bad wolf don't bite no more ~

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