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» Happy Holidays Versus Merry Christmas!

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Happy Holidays or Xmas?
Seasons Greetings!  No Votes
Happy Holidays!   33% 4 votes
Merry Christmas!  25% 3 votes
Saying all Holidays!   42% 5 votes


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    25th of Nov '15 @ 11:56 AM Voted for Happy Holidays!

We're FINALLY at that "special" time of year. Stores are now blasting Christmas music, toys are being stocked regularly, stores are opening later, and Christmas decorations abount.

But, we're also seeing the political correct statement of "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings" used more publicly, too.

I like Christmas. I was raised Catholic, but no longer consider myself so. I loved the thrill of opening presents and seeing family. I do like the decorations and putting up Christmas Trees is fun.

But I also see people claim that there has been a 'war' on Christmas, so to speak. Often, these people are religious and believe that other cultures maybe trying to "impose" themselves on the Christmas tradition.

Personally, I feel using "Happy Holidays" in place pf Christmas is far fairer than assuming everyone celebrates it. As long as we can still put decor up, I don't care if it's called something else. I totally understand why public places would want to make everyone feel comfortable and I also think religion and public places should be seperate. I know that Christmas has taken on a more...different meaning, but it still is rooted in Faith. I'd rather we celebrate all potential celebrations!

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    30th of Nov '15 @ 5:18 PM Voted for Happy Holidays!

Personally, I always thought that "happy holidays" was just "happy Thanksgiving!", "Happy New Year's!" and "Merry Christmas!" all wrapped into one because all of those holidays are so chunked together so they're just all put into one phrase so I use that a lot this time of the year.

Furthermore, some people think "Xmas" is derogatory towards the "Christ" in "Christmas", but it really isn't. If anyone tried to use it as such, they should know that "X" is the Greek letter Chi, the first letter of the word Χριστός (pronounced "khristós" ) which translates into "the anointed one". In other words, it means "Christ".

I'm a Christian and don't have any problems with using "happy holidays" or "merry Xmas" because of the reasons given above, but try to refrain from doing it around people in my church because they could take it the wrong way. But I like using "happy holidays" best because how it rolls off the tongue.


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    30th of Nov '15 @ 5:32 PM Voted for Saying all Holidays!

Some of you know that I am a practicing Christian. These are my thoughts:



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    7th of Dec '15 @ 2:29 PM Voted for Saying all Holidays!

I could not have said it better myself, @Zizelly! Someone is just wishing you well. I work in retail, so we get all kinds of people in the store, you know? I regularly get people who tell me "Merry Christmas!" but, I also get my fair share of "Happy Chanukah!" and other holiday well wishes.

I have never, never, never had anyone take offense to me telling them "Merry Christmas," nor would I ever take offense if someone told me of a different holiday.

I sometimes feel like Political Correctness has gone too far. It can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. No one should take offense to such a good hearted things. There is obviously no bad intention or mocking intention behind the words.

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    8th of Dec '15 @ 1:20 PM Voted for Merry Christmas!

I don't really know how to respond to this. I kind of believe in both but because of how I was raised, saying Merry Christmas is by far the better way.

I have celebrated Christmas all my life and its always been Merry Christmas. It wasn't until high school that this changed. Everywhere, people would tell you to say Happy Holidays so as to be respective to those who don't. I get why they want it like this but I think its silly at the same time.

If someone said to me 'Happy Hannukah", you can be sure I would say "you too". It is polite and I feel like we can celebrate cultures this way. I don't have to celebrate your holidays to be supportive (for lack of a better word).

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    9th of Dec '15 @ 4:52 PM Voted for Merry Christmas!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you gooooo!
Love that song smile_heart.gifsmile_laugh.gifsmile_heart.gif

I was born and raised a non-denominational Christian myself. Saying "Merry Christmas" is something I've always done and will continue to always do. With that being said, I will occasionally say "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings" but I don't mean it to be politically correct because anyone who knows me personally knows I'm the exact opposite of "politically correct."

I sincerely applaud when I see companies (and smaller companies as well) use "Merry Christmas" in their advertising or in their windows. It's so nice and makes me so happy. After all, the TRUE meaning of Christmas is CHRIST himself. Without Christ there would be no CHRISTmas. Therefore, I like to keep Christ in Christmas.

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    10th of Dec '15 @ 12:13 AM Voted for Happy Holidays!

I haven't personally known of ANYONE, even my atheist/agnostic friends being offended! But I always think; "Just in case!" I regard "Christmas" less religiously now, and many people have to agree that it's very commercialized (like every other Holiday as someone else mentioned!)

I like Happy Holidays, but just like someone mentioned people getting offended about the use of "xmas", I feel people get offended when "Happy Holidays!" is used, because it often gets lumped in as the 'political correct' term and gets people potentially upset. I feel it's neutral and embraces everyone.

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    10th of Dec '15 @ 6:18 AM Voted for Happy Holidays!

I can't even begin to describe how this topic makes me feel every year. I say whatever I want to people. When I worked in retail, I said Happy Holidays because I wanted to, not because someone made me say it. I also think people just need to get over this "war on Christmas" thing. If someone says Happy Holidays, they are not being rude. If your Starbucks cup is plain red, rather than having some snowflake pattern on it, it doesn't mean Starbucks is out to destroy Christmas. If you're secure enough in your beliefs, what does it matter what anyone says to you?

Plus, the derivative of "holiday" is "holy day". So basically, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas say the exact same thing.

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    22nd of Dec '15 @ 8:27 PM Voted for Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a Christian holiday, it wouldn't make sense NOT to say Merry Christmas. Even if they celebrate a different holiday, they'll understand.


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    26th of Dec '15 @ 2:55 PM Hasnt voted yet!

Personally I am in the habit of saying Happy Holidays as it's my polite way of addressing everyone nomatter what their opinions or beliefs are. I figure in a world where so many people are quick to throw up their hands and scream the words I AM OFFENDED... it's easier to just go the road that keeps things simple lol

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    26th of Dec '15 @ 4:59 PM Hasnt voted yet!

I just respond with "Happy Commercialism Day!" because well... that's pretty much what it's become.

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    29th of Dec '15 @ 7:16 PM Voted for Saying all Holidays!

just be nice to each other

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    4th of Jan '16 @ 11:58 PM Voted for Saying all Holidays!


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    18th of Jul '16 @ 6:06 AM Voted for Saying all Holidays!

The season should include everyone of all cultures and beliefs.

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    18th of Dec '16 @ 3:32 AM Voted for Happy Holidays!

I prefer Happy Holidays, but I can understand why someone would wish to wish someone their specific holiday.


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