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» What's the best type of pet?

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Best type of pet?
Dogs FTW  26% 9 votes
Cats FTW  37% 13 votes
Aquatic Varity  6% 2 votes
Rodent Variety  6% 2 votes
Feathered Variety  9% 3 votes
Scaly variety No Votes
Equestrian Variety  3% 1 vote
Other (say why)  14% 5 votes


Posts: 802
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    26th of Oct '15 @ 3:31 PM Hasnt voted yet!

I personally think cats are the best because they are low-maintenance, cuddly, easily potty/litter trained, quiet, and you can get a hairless cat if someone has an allergy.

What type of animal do you like best as a pet? Why? If you choose "other" please elaborate.

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Posts: 81
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    26th of Oct '15 @ 3:52 PM Voted for Cats FTW

I'm going to vote cats but I'm pretty well tied between cats and dogs. Cats are definitely easier to care for than dogs in my experience but dogs are just lovable little dorks and taking care of them is pretty rewarding. I have one of each and I wouldn't give either of them up for the world.

If we are going by ease of care entirely though I have to say reptiles have been the most hands off in my experience. That depends on the reptile in question obviously but the ones I've had have been super easy. smile_happy.gif

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Staff Manager

Posts: 4652
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    26th of Oct '15 @ 7:20 PM Voted for Cats FTW

If you know me, you know I'm going to say cats. smile_tongue.gif

They are low maintenance and are very independent. I would say they don't bother much and don't require much attention, but I spent the day trying to study and Mr. Needy decided he NEEDED to be petted during the whole day, which led to him not allowing me to improve my knowledge. But what can you say? If you don't want to give and get love, don't get a pet. smile_wink.gif

I would like to have a pygmy goat one day, but that requires space.

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Posts: 865
Avatars: 92/219

    26th of Oct '15 @ 9:38 PM Voted for Cats FTW

waiting for @Luventas to coming flying in here to vote for dogs 100 times

def cats though, at least for me. smile_heart.gif my cat might be super needy but she's the sweetest

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Posts: 2506
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    27th of Oct '15 @ 3:03 AM Voted for Dogs FTW

Dogs x100 - Looks like Dogs win!

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Posts: 4826
Avatars: 198/219

    27th of Oct '15 @ 11:16 AM Voted for Dogs FTW

I have to vote for dogs here. They make amazing companions and they're fun to be with. And they're bigger for the most part with means warmer cuddling smile_grin.gif

Another 100 votes for dog smile_devil.gif

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

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    28th of Oct '15 @ 12:33 AM Voted for Dogs FTW

ANOTHER 100 VOTES FOR DOGS smile_heart.gif
-insert official request for a dog emoji here-

Honestly, though. Every single cat I've ever run into has absolutely loathed me, so it's really no question why I'm a dog-person.
Haven't met a single dog I haven't absolutely adored yet!

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Posts: 2710
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Posts: 172
Avatars: 100/219

    29th of Oct '15 @ 1:16 AM Voted for Dogs FTW

dogs are love. dogs are life.

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    30th of Oct '15 @ 11:14 PM Voted for Dogs FTW

I love dogs because they can be your partner in adventures, they learn all kinds of stuff, and always help/obey you. :3

Rodents are also good pets, especially rats because they behave like little puppies almost. Endlessly curious, nice/soft/cute, and unlike puppies they won't bite you. xD They're also very low maintenance.

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Posts: 156
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Posts: 1871
Avatars: 94/219

    31st of Oct '15 @ 6:28 PM Voted for Dogs FTW

I vote for dogs because they love you and their love is unconditional. I have a Border Collie, and they are the best. Dogs just want to be loved and they love you and want to be patted all the time.

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Posts: 199
Avatars: 68/219

    31st of Oct '15 @ 7:35 PM Voted for Cats FTW

Definitely cats. I've had both dogs and cats so I can argue on this one smile_tongue.gif They're quieter, cleaner, and (in my opinion) cuter smile_heart.gif Dogs are also cute but cats/kittens make my heart melt. I also find dogs to be too hyperactive for my personality.

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Posts: 40
Avatars: 21/219

    1st of Nov '15 @ 9:06 PM Voted for Dogs FTW

gotta vote for dogs!! cuddling, playing, unconditional love? what more can you ask for??? plus dogs make better hiking buddies than cats smile_tongue.gif plus i'm raising a guide dog puppy so obviously i'm a dog person smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 3217
Avatars: 154/219

    2nd of Nov '15 @ 10:40 AM Voted for Other (say why)

Everyone's voting for dogs or cats yet no one is voting for clearly the best choice ever!

V-I-R-T-U-A-L ! ! !

Which covers ALL of the above options!


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Posts: 283
Avatars: 53/219

    12th of Nov '15 @ 11:42 PM Voted for Cats FTW

Just gotta say cats. Sorry my little dog!
Cats and dogs are basically the same thing if you think about it (well I think a lot lol so it might not have sense to you).

Plus my username
-adds another few points to cats :3-

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-goes broke-

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    21st of Nov '15 @ 4:17 PM Voted for Cats FTW

cats are cute, fuffly, and are easy to take care of.
i mean, when a dog runs out a door, you need to take a long time finding them and trying to take them home, cats know there way home,

shhhh i don't exist

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Posts: 5
Avatars: 10/219

    9th of Dec '15 @ 4:58 PM Voted for Equestrian Variety

*pokes pets*

With that being said though, I'm giving an unbiased opinion.
I also own 2 dogs, 2 cats and a bunch of fish.

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Posts: 348
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Posts: 88
Avatars: 48/219

    11th of Apr '16 @ 9:40 PM Voted for Feathered Variety

Birds all the way. They can be kind of nippy (depends on the bird; it all comes down to personality), but they are incredibly interactive and don't smell. They can be messy, depending on the bird. But usually small-to-medium sized birds (in my experience) aren't any messier than any other small animal or even cat. Of course, if you get any kind of parrots (from conure to macaw to cockatoo), you have to be prepared for noise. Lots of noise.

Dogs come in close second, though. You can never go wrong with dogs.


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Posts: 581
Avatars: 67/219

    12th of Apr '16 @ 9:45 AM Voted for Dogs FTW

I personally have a bird of my own and I love him just to bits.
Unfortunately though many birds end up with owners who don't know how to properly take care of them and let them sit in a cage 24/7 that's too small or the wrong shape on a strictly seed diet smile_sad.gif
Birds are complicated animals, too complicated to just sit in a cage all day. Many even have the intellegance of a toddler. There are TONS of people who do a great job with their feathered friends! But there are a good chunk that simply do not and treat them like a throwaway pet smile_sad.gif

So I'll have to vote dogs! Dogs are great loyal companions, many would do anything for their owners and make the best friends. You see so many stories of dogs saving lives, and then we have seeing eye dogs too!

(...I actually have experience with all the types of pets listed in this poll so I'll cut this short unless someone wants to discuss further! Ping me!)

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Posts: 5966
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    12th of Apr '16 @ 11:25 AM Voted for Cats FTW

Even though I am allergic to cats (and dogs) I think cats are better... They don't require as much attention or anything.. They do not need to be let out every few hours, and you can go on vacation without having to get a sitter or send them to a daycare.

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Posts: 56
Avatars: 27/219

    13th of May '16 @ 12:20 PM Voted for Aquatic Varity

Personally, I'm most comfortable with pet fish. They don't require lots of commitment, just float about and such.

It's also reassuring that they're not further down the evolution than humans. Birds are, and seem quite untrustworthy flying about. Hitchcock knew.


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Posts: 212
Avatars: 110/219

    15th of May '16 @ 5:46 AM Voted for Cats FTW

I probably would have voted for dogs before my boyfriend's cats moved in with us. They are the sweetest, I could watch them for hours smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 86
Avatars: 46/219

    18th of May '16 @ 10:55 PM Voted for Feathered Variety

Oh mannn I like birds AND dogs.
Guess I'll vote birb because I don't actually own a dog anymore, but I do have a parrot.

Cats are ok, but only the indoor ones. Outdoors ones are always gross and are awful for the environment.
Indoor kitties are so soft and silky though smile_heart.gif


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Posts: 1304
Avatars: 108/219

    22nd of May '16 @ 1:50 AM Voted for Other (say why)

I voted other because I am too indecisive to answer this question.
I love my dogs. I love my cat and I love my rats. Ive had so many different kinds of animals. Snakes, lizards, fish, cats, dogs, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, bunnies... I am probably forgetting something. Most of them were rescues. Ive pretty much been bitten by everything known to man. The chinchilla has a chunk of my finger forever and always. R.I.P. (No... I didnt kill him for eating my finger).

I dont know what you guys are talking about when you say cats are low maintenance. lol My Steve French is a Diva/Queen. And he is always doing something that I have do clean up after him for. Or take him to the vet for. One time he got me in trouble for jumping up on the table and licking all of the frosting off of a cake. Steve French is for sure is the neediest cat EVER!

My vote goes to kangaroos.

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Posts: 15
Avatars: 12/219

    22nd of May '16 @ 8:10 PM Voted for Cats FTW

I have to vote for cats.
It's the only type of pet I've ever had, and I think it's awesome. smile_happy.gif Cats don't need walks, and they're great cuddle buddies. smile_heart.gif They may be little devils (smile_devil.gif) who require attention, but hey! It's worth it! They love you~
and I luv cat back

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Posts: 31
Avatars: 6/219

    23rd of May '16 @ 2:43 PM Voted for Other (say why)

I think all types of pet are the best type smile_laugh.gif


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