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    22nd of Oct '15 @ 2:00 PM

Making money on IcePets isn’t that hard.

1. Go to the Token Dabu every hour.
Personally I have that tab open on my mobile phone, so the only thing I have to do is refresh the page.

2. Don’t sell the tokens, use them only in the collectors quest (And the token booth, ofcourse)
There are quest that will give you every hour about 28K for 3 tokens. This is probably the fastest way to make money. You can check here everyday what the quest is. Daily updated.

3. Play flash games. I know you’ve heard that before, but I’ve got some extra information:
Survivor: 80 points = 2000 IP. Make sure you will get all the power ups. If you don’t get a power up, they won’t show up anymore in that game.
Catch: 130 points = 2000 IP.
Snake: 75 points = 2000 IP
With Sharshel Says and Coined you can get up to 10.000 IP per game.
1 point is 1 IP (max. 80.000 IP per day)
I don’t know if this also works on tablets, but on my transformer book (tablet with a full version of windows) this is the best thing I’d notice: playing Sharshel Says, Coined and Jar Match on a touch screen makes it so much easier.

4.Doing quests is also a good way of making money, but some times you can’t be sure if the quest is worth doing. Especially with expensive items.
You can check here (Community – Search) the price they are sold for in the Main Shops.
If an item sells for 3000 IP in the main shop and it’s going for 4000 IP in the Shop Searcher, it’s still worth it.
But if an item is 100 IP in the main shop and it’s 1000 IP in the Shop Searcher, it’s not worth it anymore.
Max you should spend 150% of the Main shop price on an item in the usershops.

5. Restocking is also a good way to earn money. I strongly recommend to start restocking quest items. If you do quests you will learn very fast which items are profitable to restock and which items are not. But there are enough good restocking guides. smile_happy.gif

If you have anything to add, please mention it. smile_happy.gif
I hope this guide was helpfull.

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    23rd of Oct '15 @ 10:10 AM


I've been meaning to make this, but you made it much better than I would have! May I suggest putting some space between points so it's more readable?

Love it smile_heart.gif

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    23rd of Oct '15 @ 11:43 AM

Thanks for the tip and the compliment @Zizelly smile_happy.gif

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    24th of Oct '15 @ 2:27 AM

Great guide! On Ice Snake, 75 works for 2000 IP.

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