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» A change to Rave pets?

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Change Rave or keep the same?
Option A  48% 52 votes
Option B  29% 32 votes
Option C  23% 25 votes


Posts: 189
Avatars: 90/214

    10th of Feb '16 @ 4:16 AM Voted for Option A

ahhh hard choice. all of the colours look so nice, but !! i think they look good as they are, too

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Posts: 5
Avatars: 10/214

    10th of Feb '16 @ 10:49 PM Voted for Option A

I like the green and purple!


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Posts: 9
Avatars: 20/214

    8th of Mar '16 @ 1:32 PM Voted for Option A

I like the Rave pets the way they are!


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Posts: 30
Avatars: 13/214

    10th of Mar '16 @ 6:39 PM Voted for Option C

While I do like the way they are now, I'd love to see some variety!

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Posts: 51
Avatars: 16/214

    14th of Apr '16 @ 12:56 PM Voted for Option A

I completely sympathize with those who want new colors, but I can't see Rave pets in any colors other than their original. I'm actually saving up to buy a morphing potion for my Wulfer. Maybe it's just because I'm literally unable to let go of things I have or are going to have, but to me, changing the Rave pets is like saying "My baby's nose is too long, I'm gonna change it!" Changing the colors are a little insignificant and detrimental to the site. I've already seen someone say they're going to leave if the colors change. I want to say I wouldn't, but I really don't know for certain. Again, I have a serious inability to let go of things I love, so I don't understand how anyone could bring themselves to change something they made. Honestly I'm all for option A. It's just my mental state I guess.

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Posts: 1359
Avatars: 133/214

    14th of Apr '16 @ 11:27 PM Voted for Option C

Honestly, when I hear the word rave, I think of different type of color glow sticks at a huge dance party.

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Posts: 8
Avatars: 17/214

    15th of Apr '16 @ 5:36 PM Voted for Option C

Option C looks very interesting to me. It'd be cool to see more then just the same thing.

I hoard Makoat & Cobron plushies like mad!

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Posts: 65
Avatars: 66/214

    16th of Apr '16 @ 6:35 PM Voted for Option A

As interesting as new colors may be, the current colors are perfect as is smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 7
Avatars: 5/214

    25th of Apr '16 @ 9:33 AM Voted for Option B

Im not sure if im late here but new colors in the future would be stellar smile_happy.gif


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Posts: 59
Avatars: 35/214

    4th of May '16 @ 2:41 AM Voted for Option B

I think that some new rave colors would be fun, but recoloring the old ones is a little much - plus the green and purple are cute. smile_meow.gif

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Posts: 30
Avatars: 9/214

    6th of May '16 @ 9:55 AM Voted for Option B

I like the current Rave pets, and I don't want to change them. I also want to see variety!

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Posts: 210
Avatars: 109/214

    7th of May '16 @ 10:44 AM Voted for Option B

Different colours would be great. It would be a shame to recolour the existing rave pets though.

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Posts: 56
Avatars: 27/214

    13th of May '16 @ 1:10 AM Voted for Option B

I haven't been around enough to have any nostalgia for the old colours, but most of them are quite excellent.


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Posts: 86
Avatars: 46/214

    18th of May '16 @ 5:40 PM Voted for Option B

I went with option B. It doesn't seem right to change pets people already have, but some variety wouldn't be too bad either.


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Posts: 189
Avatars: 44/214

    21st of May '16 @ 8:01 AM Voted for Option C

As an artist, I understand the need to change your work from time to time. I have changed and updated so many of my characters from years ago to fit my current I think it would be fine. I'd go crazy for a neon blue Rave Ridix. smile_laugh.gif However, for the people who may not like the change, give an opption to pick which colors you want to use? Like, using a Rave MP/SJ unlocks an option to change between a few color sets like a seperate closet? smile_wink.gif

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Like lightning and the rainbow
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~Never Give up by For King and Country

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    25th of May '16 @ 5:34 PM Voted for Option B

Keep the ones as they are, but other colours for the others could be really cool :3
I like orange lol


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Posts: 729
Avatars: 76/214

    2nd of Jun '16 @ 10:08 AM Voted for Option A

smile_ninja.gif They're cool as they are, I think.

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Posts: 2255
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Posts: 13
Avatars: 24/214

    7th of Jun '16 @ 7:05 PM Voted for Option B

I may be new but I'll go for option B.


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