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» I don't know who to believe anymore.

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who do you agree with the most
PETA No Votes
Atkins  8% 1 vote
Neither  83% 10 votes
I prefer to remain neutral on  8% 1 vote


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    10th of Mar '15 @ 11:13 PM Hasnt voted yet!

Different people have different ideas about what the ideal healthy diet is. PETA preaches religiously against eating meat whereas the Atkins "paleo diet" philosophy suggests the exact opposite,that it's the veggies and grains we should avoid. Who's right,or is either of them right? I need your opinions. I hope to have my picture on a fashion magazine one day, so I need to know about what the ideal supermodel diet is.


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    11th of Mar '15 @ 7:10 AM Voted for Neither

I personally am trying to follow Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritarian diet. He believes the healthiest way to leave is through eating nutrient dense foods, like fruits and vegetables. He doesn't support the Atkins diet at all an even shows the negative sides of eating only meats.
I'm not an expert at this, so you should probably find some books from you're library or look online for more info.
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    11th of Mar '15 @ 11:36 AM Voted for Neither

I am not the best person to ask what the healthiest way to eat things is. I like the pastas and pizzas and everything in between. But I have to say, you need a little of everything. Fruits and Vegetables are healthy and so are meats.

I don't agree with PETA. I have heard stories that I don't approve of. In order to prove their points, they have done some wicked things that I feel goes against everything they claim to stand for and that is really not ok. It's ok to have an opinion and to fund and support that opinion but they drew a fine line and crossed it to the point of no return.

The Atkins diet I have heard isn't that healthy. I don't really know what it is but these are just things I have heard.

If you really want to be healthy, and this is just an opinion, it would be better to just control portions and eat more fruit and vegetables for meals than meat (meaning your plate should be small but about 75% be veggies and/or fruits).

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    23rd of Mar '15 @ 12:05 PM Voted for Neither

neither! :^D

PETA is a bad organisation to begin with, but i'll save that point for some other time :^|

but, humans are supposed to be omnivores! our systems are supposed to consume both meat and vegetation to be balanced and healthy. i think that honestly, to be healthy requires a balance between the two, and not too much or too little of either group! smile_laugh.gif

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    9th of May '15 @ 4:54 PM Hasnt voted yet!

Simple science, we're omnivores and therefore need both meat and non-meat to be as healthy as possible, I think.

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    11th of May '15 @ 5:39 AM Voted for Neither

Generalizing a thing like how much of what kinds of foods people need can be a little dangerous.... What a person should and should not be consuming is directly related to their body's situation (activity, metabolism, size/mass, conditions, et cetera...) A good thing to also keep in mind is that living organisms, especially humans, will adapt to their environments and conditions in an effort to become more efficient; by ceasing to consume certain types of foods and only eating a very small variety of things, the body will become less able to process the omitted foods as it attempts to specialize. Which, if you never need to eat anything besides those few things, might be okay, but most likely if you're only eating a few kinds of things then you're probably not getting all the proper nutrition... Sometimes the body can be retrained to eat other things (usually after a period of being ill and other negative repercussions from attempting to essentially run foreign objects through the specialized process) again, but sometimes it can't for various reasons.

Since I don't know your specific circumstances, something I might recommend is looking at how your closest biological relatives are responding to their diet; if they seem healthy, you can try eating the same kinds of foods that they eat in similar quantities to them -assuming they are similar in size and activity... There are so many factors to take into account for diets that it can be difficult to know for sure, but as a general rule, a wide variety of foods that have been modified by humans as little as possible seems to cover the widest range of people.

A quick note: usually the more active a person is, the more protein they need; the less active a person is, the less protein they need... Also, if you're going to consume a lot of protein, especially from animal sources, try not to process it anaerobically because that has a tendency to release a chemical or enzyme (I will have to look up it's name later as I need to go to bed very soon) that in large enough quantities will be detrimental to your kidneys and maybe another important organ (liver, maybe? I mostly know about the kidneys because I had to be careful for my grandfather's kidneys)...

Also, as a general rule, never blindly trust someone/a company that is pushing it's own product. It is wise to find a knowledgeable objective unrelated party that has nothing to gain or lose by telling you the truth.

Ultimately, if it's possible, I recommend consulting a nutritionist that you can trust to know what they're talking about. Other than that, as others have said, you might want to read up on it... Maybe something in this will have helped, I don't know what you may have already known or not. smile_happy.gif I hope you find the answers you're looking for. ^_^ Have a nice day!

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    24th of May '15 @ 1:24 PM Voted for Neither

I think you need both meat and vegetables because you need the protein and the vitamins that vegetables and meat give.

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    29th of May '15 @ 3:07 PM Voted for Neither

Your body requires both meat and vegetables not to mention other items like dairy and grains.
PETA preaches against eating meat because of animal cruelty that typically takes place on large production operations involving the processing of meat.
I feel like the other company is probably just anti-peta, because why would you stop eating vegetables? They're kind of a required part of your diet.

Also keep in mind, both those groups are a type of political group, so of course they're going to give you only a certain list of facts that prove their theory/idea right.

If anything, talk to a dietitian/nutritionist. Find what exactly your body requires to function, and go from there. It all comes to personal preference and your health requirements.


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    24th of Jul '15 @ 9:37 AM Voted for Neither

I don't like Peta one bit. Look up about the perfectly adoptable animals they kill.

I have no problem with someone being a a vegetarian though. I have a lot of respect for though chose. I tried a few times but my last attempt got me head to toe in hives. Someone told me it was because I consuming to much protein. Knowing this now I may try again.

As for the other: It sounds like a very unhealthy diet.

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    1st of Aug '15 @ 10:14 PM Voted for Atkins

I can tell you many horror stories about PETA. These people are NOT animal lovers. They can preach all they want, but their ultimate goal is the destruction of all animals.

As for Atkins, you need to buy the book and read it. I've been back to Atkins many times( I keep being an idiot and not eating right) and am currently eating the Atkins way.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't just meat. You have a portion of protein, but right from the beginning you need to consume low glycemic vegetables along with your meals. I actually end up eating a lot more veggies when I'm on Atkins than when I'm sloppy and eating junk foods.

Avoid the main corporation, there is an Atkins forum out there if you Google it. The people on there are awesome and they've been doing the Atkins way for years. If you're stalling, they'll help you figure out what you need and there are always goals and challenges set for eating more veggies (fruits such as blueberries and raspberries are reintroduced after only two to three weeks), and for helping your ongoing weight loss and final goals.

You can even do Atkins if you're a vegetarian. The main focus is getting your proteins and low glycemic vegetables so your body knows it is supported and full. It stops the starvation mode.

No matter what lifestyle you chose (and it should be a lifestyle, not just a diet), be sure you add exercise and stretching and you'll want a decent multi vitamin along with probiotics. The foods of today are not as healthy and supportive and rich in vitamins and minerals as were present in the food for our grandparents and parents.


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    13th of Nov '15 @ 11:22 AM Voted for Neither


Hello! In my opinion, I think you should eat whatever you like. If you do not have allergic reactions, religion reasons or dietary requirements or issue, you should try to eat a large variety of food and not restrict yourself.
By eating 'whatever you like', I don't mean stuffing yourself with chocolate or sweets. But what I mean is choosing non-processed food. Fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy (I know it's contrerversial but it's definitely way better than a sugared beverage right?). Try to get food from different sources. Anything less processed basically. Drink lots of water and that I mean plain water. Exercise is very good. Healthy living doesn't have to be hard (:

I do that and it's working out fine! I don't follow any specific diets. Most of these specific diets we see online are trying to sell to earn money from us.


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    10th of Jul '16 @ 3:59 PM Voted for I prefer to remain neutral on

Current University studies have discovered that diets too rich in vegetables actually shrink the brain. So I'm constantly going back and forth with my personal conscience regarding mass production of animals for consumption. It's a tricky subject.

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    11th of Nov '16 @ 2:05 AM Voted for Neither

PETA is crazy, ignore them.

Since the beginning of the human race we as a species have been consuming fruits, berries, vegetables and meat. Grains were a rather late addition to the diet in that respect, but humans have adapted to the change in a way that nearly requires grains to be functional.

I'm a vegetarian myself(due to the excess of animal cruelty), but I respect everyone else's opinions in this matter. I do believe we need a balance of fats, protein and carbohydrates in our diets. To cut out any of those three is to throw the amino acids and bodily processes out of whack, and cause physical turmoil. Don't do it to yourself.

2/3 of the plate should be vegetables, 1/3 of the plate should be meat(or substitute) is what I've been told. The biggest problem is that most people eat more meat than vegetables in their diet. That's fine sometimes, but as a species we are omnivores, not carnivores, so keep that in consideration.

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    3rd of Dec '16 @ 11:55 PM Voted for Neither

Definitely neither, aside from the fact that PETA is a terrible organization (as an animal lover I have tons of moral qualms with them), both of them are wrong as the easiest way to stay healthy is to eat a balanced diet. That doesn't mean you will be thin as genetics play a HUGE role in how easy it is to gain weight and how hard it is to lose it. It's worth noting that some people actually need to eat meat to get their iron or protein. So eat a balanced meal or check with your doctor if that isn't working as you might need supplements.


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