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» I got a new avatar!!!

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Have you earned bookworm?
y  67% 2 votes
n  33% 1 vote


Posts: 145
Avatars: 9/219

    18th of Apr '11 @ 4:47 PM Hasnt voted yet!

I read 20 books to my pet, Pridix_Ridix. I got a bookworm avatar that I am currently using.

Do what you like and like what you do.

Read what you write and write what you would want to read.

Live your life to your full potential by choosing Jesus.

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    18th of Apr '11 @ 4:49 PM Voted for y

it looks fine on you, congratulations =)

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Posts: 3362
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Posts: 156
Avatars: 21/219

    18th of Apr '11 @ 6:59 PM Voted for n

Congratz. I'm going to go for some more avatars when I get a good number of points.

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Posts: 1108
Avatars: 47/219

    18th of Apr '11 @ 7:05 PM Voted for y

Yep. I earned it a while ago but had to read another book to my pet to be awarded the avatar. smile_grin.gif

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