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» Angels' Golden Slots Guide

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    23rd of Oct '13 @ 6:47 PM

This is an old guide I did which I found after searching through the help forums so yeah.
Golden Slots

Golden Slots is a game of chance. It costs 10 IP for a chance to spin. You may win icepoints, a free chanc to spin 3 times, or even access to the 'tower'! To win icepoints you have to either recieve 3 cherries, pears, happy faces, cubics, sunshine, a heart or random amount. The screenshot below ahows what each amount is worth. A flag rewards you 3 free spins and for a chance to access the tower you have to recieve 3 stars of the same color either glowing(green), burnt(red), or golden(yellow). The glowing awards one level, burnt two, and golden 3 as it states. The screenshot below shows how much each is worth.
How to beat the tower
It's recommended that if it's lower than six, pick higher, and if it's higher, pick lower. If it's exactly six, just go with your instincts,
This is not definite that you'll win there is just a bigger chance. Keep doing that method to defeat the tower. During the process you can always collect if you just need the money.

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    14th of Jan '16 @ 7:48 PM

Great guide! Bumping this up for @honeybear

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