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    23rd of Oct '10 @ 1:44 PM

5X as many IcePoints for each topic or post that is created for the next 48 hours!!

That means 50 IcePoints instead of the normal 10!

Go to our Boards and start enjoying the fun!

Also the IcePets team has been working on the marketing aspect of the site to get new members. We have gotten nearly 80 members in 3 days & we look forward to seeing those numbers soar!

Refer a friend & win a prize!

Hello! I'm Michael, the (ex) co-owner of the website. If you have any questions please send me a message! Peace

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    23rd of Oct '10 @ 1:45 PM

THANK YOU smile_grin.gif WHOOO

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    23rd of Oct '10 @ 6:23 PM

Love this! Great way to get the boards active.

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    23rd of Oct '10 @ 9:13 PM

I concur with the above two responses. smile_happy.gif
Anywho, I'll say it myself. Thankees!

You just lost THE GAME.

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    24th of Oct '10 @ 1:07 AM

Nice little bonus for posts! Now to become a posting machine. haha

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    24th of Oct '10 @ 10:03 AM

Now I have a reason to be annoying on the boards..

I spammed facebook with icepet-goodness and got no referrals. I'm sad.


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    24th of Oct '10 @ 7:13 PM

You could try online gaming forums, Missy.

Personal Discord: Joseph / Claws#1080

No this not a petsite, so stop deleting my signature. Thanks!

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