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» Want to know what Books/Beauty your pet is missing?

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    1st of Dec '16 @ 2:18 PM

Missing Beauty Items:

Ankh Necklace
Ancient Cobron Hat
Blue Cobron Hat
Blue Traptur Hat
Bluegreen Cobron Hat
Gold Neckpiece
Green Cobron Hat
Green Traptur Hat
Liquid Eyeliner
Orange Traptur Hat
Red Cobron Hat
Red Traptur Hat
Storm Traptur Hat
Yellow Cobron Hat
Yellow Traptur Hat

And the Traptur Hat doesn't exist anymore.

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    19th of Oct '17 @ 12:59 AM

Updated lists! 01/29/2018

Beauty (48smile_cool.gif

2015 Top Hat
60s Eye Shadow
60s Flower Headband
Ancient Beanie
Ancient Cobron Hat
Angelic Wulfer Hat
Ankh Necklace
Audril Ghost Costume
Audril Paw Slippers
B-Froze Sun Tan Lotion
Baby Shoes
Bandit Mask
Bat Comb
Bauble Bath Bombs
Beaded Necklace
Big Grin Mask
Big Red Bow
Birthday Face Paint
Birthday Hat
Black Hairbrush
Black Hand Mirror
Black Heart Sunglasses
Black Hipster Glasses
Black Rose Flower Crown
Black Lipstick
Bling-Bling Glasses
Blob Ghost Costume
Bloodied Clown Collar
Blue Audril Hat
Blue Bandit Mask
Blue Beach Towel
Blue Beanie
Blue Bikini
Blue Cobron Hat
Blue Glow Necklace
Blue Hairbrush
Blue Hand Mirror
Blue Heart Sunglasses
Blue Hipster Glasses
Blue Lipstick
Blue Lone Sock
Blue Ori Hat
Blue Ridix Hat
Blue Sharshel Hat
Blue Striped Panties
Blue Traptur Hat
Blue Wulfer Hat
Bluebell Scented Candle
Bluegreen Cobron Hat
Bluegreen Hairbrush
Bluegreen Hand Mirror
Bluegreen Hipster Glasses
Broken Heart Cufflinks
Broken Space Helm
Bronze Hand Mirror
Brown Ridix Hat
Bunny Ears
Calavera Headpiece
Camouflage Face Paint
Candy Necklace
Candy Wrapper Bow Tie
Candy Wrapper Coat
Candy Wrapper Dress
Carnival Vest
Carrot Blossom Perfume
Carrot Pacifier
Cheap Blue Foundation
Cheap Brown Foundation
Cheap Pink Foundation
Cheap Snow Foundation
Cheap Storm Foundation
Cheap Yellow Foundation
Chefs Hat
Cherry Blossom Flower Crown
Cherry Blossom Scented Candle
Chocolate Facial Powder
Chocolate Lovers Spare Dentures
Christmas Cobron Mittens
Christmas Eye Shadow
Christmas Hat
Christmas Pet Collar
Christmas Toque
Christmas Xephyr Scarf
Clip-On Ancient Ridix Tail
Clip-On Black Dovu Tail
Clip-On Black Makoat Tail
Clip-On Black Novyn Tail
Clip-On Black Ridix Tail
Clip-On Blue Dovu Tail
Clip-On Blue Makoat Tail
Clip-On Blue Novyn Tail
Clip-On Blue Ridix Tail
Clip-On Blue Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Bluegreen Dovu Tail
Clip-On Bluegreen Makoat Tail
Clip-On Bluegreen Ridix Tail
Clip-On Bluegreen Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Brown Dovu Tail
Clip-On Brown Makoat Tail
Clip-On Brown Novyn Tail
Clip-On Brown Ridix Tail
Clip-On Cottoncandy Novyn Tail
Clip-On Cottoncandy Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Cubed Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Fairy Dovu Tail
Clip-On Green Dovu Tail
Clip-On Green Makoat Tail
Clip-On Green Novyn Tail
Clip-On Green Ridix Tail
Clip-On Green Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Grey Dovu Tail
Clip-On Grey Novyn Tail
Clip-On Grey Ridix Tail
Clip-On Grey Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Halloween Novyn Tail
Clip-On Ice Dovu Tail
Clip-On Ice Makoat Tail
Clip-On Ice Novyn Tail
Clip-On Ice Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Orange Makoat Tail
Clip-On Orange Novyn Tail
Clip-On Orange Ridix Tail
Clip-On Orange Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Party Novyn Tail
Clip-On Pinata Makoat Tail
Clip-On Pink Dovu Tail
Clip-On Pink Makoat Tail
Clip-On Pink Novyn Tail
Clip-On Pink Ridix Tail
Clip-On Pirate Makoat Tail
Clip-On Purple Dovu Tail
Clip-On Purple Novyn Tail
Clip-On Purple Ridix Tail
Clip-On Purple Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Red Dovu Tail
Clip-On Red Makoat Tail
Clip-On Red Novyn Tail
Clip-On Red Ridix Tail
Clip-On Red Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Snowdrift Makoat Tail
Clip-On Snowdrift Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Space Dovu Tail
Clip-On Tech Sharshel Tail
Clip-On White Dovu Tail
Clip-On White Makoat Tail
Clip-On White Ridix Tail
Clip-On White Sharshel Tail
Clip-On Woodland Ridix Tail
Clip-On Yellow Dovu Tail
Clip-On Yellow Makoat Tail
Clip-On Yellow Novyn Tail
Clip-On Yellow Ridix Tail
Clip-On Yellow Sharshel Tail
Cobron Claw Slippers
Cobron Ghost Costume
Coconut Perfume
Colourful Kandi Bracelets
Comfy Spotted Blanket
Cottoncandy Lone Sock
Cottoncandy Ori Hat
Cowboy Hat
Cozy Blanket
Creepy Clown Costume
Cross Necklace
Crystal Ridix Hat
Cucumber Facial Mask
Cupcake Earrings
Dabu Ghost Costume
Dabu Paw Slippers
Daisy Chain Necklace
Deadly Poison Rose Bracelet
Devil Horns
Diamond Egg Earrings
Diamond Egg Necklace
Diamond Heart Shaped Ring
Dovu Ghost Costume
Dovu Talon Slippers
Dreamcatcher Earrings
Dreamworld Lone Sock
Dreamworld Pajamas
Eau De Chocolat
Egg Candles
Embellished Crook
Embroidered Flower Badges
Emerald Necklace
Emotionless Mask
Evil Friendship Necklace
Exploding Top Hat
Fairy Dust
Fake Eyelashes
Fake Fur Coat
Fake Gold Crown
Fake Jeweled Crown
Fake Magic Crown
Fake Moustache Glasses
Fake Mustaches
Fake Santa Beard
Firework Earrings
Fireworks Dress
Fluffy Brown Jakrit Tail
Foundation Brush
Frilly Pinata Skirt
Frozen Strawberry Perfume
Furcare Brush
Furcare Comb
Furcare Conditioner
Furcare Shampoo
Furcare Soap
Furcare Trimmer
Fuzzy Slippers
Garlic and Crucifix Earrings
Gold Drop Earrings
Gold Drop Necklace
Gold Hand Mirror
Gold Headpiece
Gold Neckpiece
Golden Locket
Green Audril Hat
Green Beanie
Green Bikini
Green Cobron Hat
Green Glow Necklace
Green Hairbrush
Green Hand Mirror
Green Heart Sunglasses
Green Hipster Glasses
Green Lipstick
Green Lone Sock
Green Ori Hat
Green Ridix Hat
Green Sharshel Hat
Green Striped Panties
Green Traptur Hat
Green Wulfer Hat
Halloween Dovu Wrappings
Halloween Novyn Mask
Halloween Sharshel Hat
Halloween Snow Jar Candle
Halloween Traptur Cape
Hand Painted Easter Bonnet
Head Sweatband
Heart Locket
Hippie Pants
Holiday Swimsuit
I smile_heart.gif Blob T-Shirt
I Got Pranked T-Shirt
I Heart IceCubes Cap
I Heart Ticket Hat
Ice Cube Necklace
Ice Hat
Ice Jacket
Ice Lipstick
Ice Perfume
Ice Sharshel Hat
Incense Burner
Itchy Christmas Sweater
Itchy Seasonal Socks
Ivory Makoat Necklace
Jack Frost Hat
Jakrit Ghost Costume
Jakrit Horns
Jakrit Slippers
Jinglebell Earrings
Knitted Mittens
Krittle Soap
Lab Coat
Lapis Lazuli Ring
Lavender Perfume
Lavender Scented Candle
Liquid Eyeliner
Love Friendship Necklace
Love Ori Hat
Love vs Evil Bathrobe
Lovely Straw Hat
Loyal Leo Mane
Luna Scented Candle
Magical Moon Wand
Magical Sailor Costume
Makoat Collar
Makoat Ghost Costume
Makoat Hoof Slippers
Makoat Perfume
Makoat Soap
Masked Drama Costume
Mega Cool Glasses
Menacing Monster Comb
Menacing Monster Hat
Mistletoe Hat
Moss Perfume
Mustache Comb
New Years Beanie
New Years Bow Tie 2013
New Years Hat
New Years Necklace
New Years Sunnies
Night Cap
Ninja Choker
Novyn Claw Slippers
Novyn Ghost Costume
Old Green Hag Costume Set
Orange Beanie
Orange Hairbrush
Orange Hand Mirror
Orange Hipster Glasses
Orange Lipstick
Orange Lone Sock
Orange Traptur Hat
Ori Foot Slippers
Ori Ghost Costume
Ornate Medallion
Oven Gloves
Painfully Vibrant Rose Bracelet
Painters Palette
Party Ridix Feather Boa
Peace Sunglasses
Pilgrim Hat
Pinata Earmuffs
Pinata Lone Sock
Pine Scented Lotion
Pink Bikini
Pink Hairbrush
Pink Hand Mirror
Pink Heart Sunglasses
Pink Hipster Glasses
Pink Lipstick
Pink Lone Sock
Pink Striped Panties
Pixie Wings
Plaid Scarf
Plumber Brother Costume
Plushie Audril Hat
Polka Dot Rainboots
Polka Dot Raincoat
Pop Star Costume
Pumpkin Necklace
Purple Audril hat
Purple Beanie
Purple Glow Necklace
Purple Hairbrush
Purple Hand Mirror
Purple Heart Sunglasses
Purple Hipster Glasses
Purple Lone Sock
Purple Striped Panties
Raffle Guy Visor
Rainbow Hairbrush
Rainbow Hand Mirror
Rainbow Hipster Glasses
Rainbow Lone Sock
Rainbow Scarf
Reading Glasses
Red Audril Hat
Red Bandit Mask
Red Beach Towel
Red Beanie
Red Cobron Hat
Red Glow Necklace
Red Hairbrush
Red Hand Mirror
Red Heart Candle
Red Heart Sunglasses
Red Hipster Glasses
Red Lipstick
Red Ori Hat
Red Reindeer Nose
Red Ridix Hat
Red Sharshel Hat
Red Traptur Hat
Red Wulfer Hat
Reindeer Antlers
Reindeer Ears
Retro Space Helmet
Ridix Ghost Costume
Ridix Paw Slippers
Rose Perfume
Rose Scented Candle
Royal Bulbous Crown
Royal Fur Cape
Royal Pencil Sceptre
Safety Glasses
Saliva Face Cream
Samuels Hat
Samuels Shirt
Santa Mask
Sapphire Circlet
Saturn Necklace
Scarab Amulet
Sea Spray Eau De Toilette
Sewing Hair Pins
Sharshel Foot Slippers
Sharshel Ghost Costume
Shimmer Powder
Silver Drop Earring
Silver Drop Necklace
Silver Hand Mirror
Simulation Emerald
Sleek Pet Collar
Snow Angel Pendant
Snow Crown
Snow Glow Necklace
Snow Lipstick
Snow Monocle
Snow Sceptre
Snow Shoe
Snow Tiara
Snow Top Hat
Snowdrift Wulfer Hat
Snowdrop Perfume
Snowman Pendant
Solid Gold Ring
Space Helm
Space Lone Sock
Space Sharshel Hat
Space Voyagers Mask
Sparkling Gem Necklace
Sparkly Glitter
Stained Ice Snow Pendant
Starry Face Gems
Steampunk Top Hat
Storm Eye Shadow
Storm Traptur Hat
Strawberry Passion Scented Candle
Strawberry Scented Candle
String of Pearls
Supernatural Trench Coat
Swamp Bath Lotion
Team Blue Audril Foam Finger
Team Blue Audril Hat
Team Green Trido Foam Finger
Team Green Trido Hat
Team IcePets Uniform
Team Red Dovu Foam Finger
Team Red Dovu Hat
Team Yellow Sharshel Foam Finger
Team Yellow Sharshel Hat
Temporary Tattoos
Thinking Cap
Tinsel Wig
Toon Costume
Traptur Claw Slippers
Traptur Ghost Costume
Trido Foot Slippers
Trido Ghost Costume
Trido Lotion
Trivvy Bowtie
Truffle Lotion
Turkey Beak
UFO Sun Hat
Valentines Bath Set
Vampire Teeth
Vanilla Perfume
Vanilla Scented Candle
Vibrant Makeup Kit
White Beanie
White Hairbrush
White Hand Mirror
White Hipster Glasses
Winter Cold Blush Palette
Witches Nose
Wreath Necklace
Wulfer Ghost Costume
Wulfer Paw Slippers
Xephyr Ghost Costume
Xephyr Paw Slippers
Yellow Audril Hat
Yellow Bandit Mask
Yellow Beanie
Yellow Cobron Hat
Yellow Glow Necklace
Yellow Hairbrush
Yellow Hand Mirror
Yellow Heart Sunglasses
Yellow Hipster Glasses
Yellow Ori Hat
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Yellow Rainboots
Yellow Raincoat
Yellow Ridix Hat
Yellow Sharshel Hat
Yellow Striped Panties
Yellow Traptur Hat
Yellow Wulfer Hat
Zabeu Ghost Costume
Zabeu Hoof Slippers


Books (23smile_cool.gif

2014 Book
60s Baby
A Christmas Carol
A Day as an Easter Jakrit
A History of New Years 2013
A Ravers Dream
A Space Adventure
A Very Wulfer Christmas
About Time
All About Boats
All About Cooking
All About Eggs
All About Elves
All About Ferns
All About Raffles
All About Rainbows
All About Skulls
An Easter Tale
Ancient Book
Anniversary Journal
Anti-Valentines Card
Armour Making
Askar Trido Sage
At Long Last
Autumn Leaves
Beach Swimming
Birthday Book
Birthday Card
Birthday Invitation
Blood-Stained Novel
Blue or Yellow
Book of Aliteen Cliffs
Book of Beauty
Book of Caution
Book of Events
Book of Fruits
Book of Gems
Book of Ice
Book of Medicine
Book of NPCs
Book of Nature
Book of Plushies
Book of Recycling
Book of Seashells
Book of Secrets
Book of Shadows
Book of Stamps
Book of Technology
Book of Toys
Book of Travel
Book on Black Holes
Bring the Stars to You
Build Your Pet Closet
Candy Quest Prize List
Candy Quest Request List
Caring for Your Pet
Carnival Secrets
Charred Dragon Scale Texts
Cheat Sheets
Chocolate Lovers For Life
Christmas Card
Christmas TV Guide
Clash of Love and Evil
Classic Christmas Carols
Clockwork Critters
Coloring Book
Computing for Computers
Cosmic Adventure
Crazy Ridix Lady
Crop Circles for Newbs
Cryptic Spells
Cupids Tale
Dear Santa
Diary of a Gold Digger
Different Perspectives
Digging Handbook
Digital Dreams
Dont Eat That Chocolate
Ducky Foldout Book
Ducky Tales
Dusty Scroll
Editor Scrapbook
Egg Mishap
Eggalicious Foods
Emo Book
English Textbook
Everything Engineering
Eye See You
Faux Pas
Fathers Day Card
Festive Pirate Invitation
Fight for the Prince!
Firework Festivities
Flea Autobiography
Forgotten Book
Frozen Book
Gardening Handbook
Get Well Soon Card
Ghost Tales
Gourmet Food
Guide to Gift Wrapping
Guide to Staff Positions
Gummy Dabus
Haiku: A Collective
Halloween Decorations
Halloween Pets
Haunted House Diaries
History Textbook
Holiday Crackers
How the Ridix Stole Christmas
How to Break a Heart
How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner
How to Decorate a Christmas Tree
How to Drive a Sleigh
How to Eat Chocolat
How to Grow Your Watermelon
How to Hide Jakrit Eggs
How to Rock Your Ugly Sweater
How to Sleep Through a Bad Year
How to Talk Like a Pirate
Hungry Book
Hygiene Helps
I Love Love
I Wish I could Fly
Ice Berry Chronicles
Ice Cubes and You!
Incandescent Book
Karaoke Night
Karma Always Catches Up to You
Knarp Eht
Learn Ice Breaker
Life of a Snowflake
Like Binary Stars
Living in Secrecy
Lost Love Letter
Love Poem Book
Love vs Evil 2015 An Analysis
Love vs Evil 2016 An Analysis
Love vs Evil 2017 An Analysis
MMO Strategy Guide
Make a Wish
Makoat Makers
Maple Tree Book
Math Textbook
Member of the Month Book
Millionaire Club Book
Misplaced Mine Shafts
Mothers Day Card
Mr. Rawls Magical Inventions
My Princess
New Years Resolution List
Not as Easy as Pie
Novyn's Lament
Nukos Story
Nurture a Crystal
One Terrifying Night
Pet Color Guide
Plushie Quest Prize List
Plushie Quest Request List
Pranking Responsibly
Private Diary
Pumpkin Carving
Raffle Winners Parchment
Reach for the Sky
Read All Over
Refer a Friend
Risks of Gambling
Romance 101
Royal Etiquette
Royal Tapestry
Samuels Toy Store at Night
Santas Reindeer
Setting the Mood
Shoppers Delight
Shrug It Off
Skeletal War
Snow Book
Snow Day
Snowflake Book
Snowman Quest Prize List
Snowman Quest Request List
Space Quest Prize List
Space Quest Request List
Staff of the Month Book
Stamp Collector E-Book
Strut Your Stuff
Swallowed Dreams
Sweets Are a Part of You
Tales From the Graveyard
Team Blue Audril Book
Team Green Trido Book
Team Red Dovu Book
Team Yellow Sharshel Book
Thanksgiving on Meteora
The Abandoned Candy Factory
The Birds and the Bees
The Black Cat
The Book of Werewolves
The Brave Ori
The Common Cookbook
The Count
The Fake Shrink Ray
The First Snow
The Golden Turnip
The Golden Zabeu
The Guardian
The Incandescent
The Lost Polar Bear
The Malignant Weed
The Moon Sapphire
The Mysterious Jakrit Egg
The Roleplaying Book I
The Secret of the Rainbow
The Silent Audril
The Snowman
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Torn Glacia Newspaper
Trick or Treat Guide
Twas the night before Christmas
Two Worlds Collide
Uncovering the Truth
Useless Trivia
Vacation Brochure
Walls and Bridges
Waterlogged Book
Weapon Quest Prize List
Weapon Quest Request List
Witch Hunting
Wooden Weapon Making
Workout Like a Trido
Your Nightmares Are Real
Zabeu History Book
Zombie Survival Guide

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    4th of Dec '17 @ 9:04 AM


Thank you @wheresmydog smile_heart.gif

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    25th of Jan '18 @ 9:58 PM

Updated smile_happy.gif

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    7th of Feb '18 @ 3:29 PM


I smile_heart.gif Blob T-Shirt are not in your beauty list

This book are not in your list:

I Wish I Could Fly

Got 3 book from Heart attack:

Candles Burning Low
An Evening Alone
Diary Of An Evil Pet

EDIT: Got another book from heart attack

The Chocolate Rush

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    11th of Feb '18 @ 7:54 AM


Since the plushies became a collection, have you got a complete thread of those?

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    Yesterday @ 10:11 PM

@SpunkiSpirou All plushies here!

@Cowpro From love vs evil store

Mysterious Broach
Love For All Buttons

Love vs Evil 2018 An Analysis

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