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    30th of Aug '13 @ 10:33 PM

Rules for Custom Avatars!

-Your Custom Avatar cannot contain a copyrighted image or character. You cannot ask the Avatar Artist to draw a copyrighted image or character.

-You cannot request Custom Avatars for you and your friends to try and establish an 'elite group'. Staff have the final say on which Custom Avatars violate this rule.

-Your Custom Avatar cannot contain real life photos or videos.

-Your avatar cannot include or request anything that is above a PG rating. This includes curse words and crude images.

-Your Custom Avatar must fit the IcePets style by either using existing IcePets images -or- drawn by the Avatar Artist. You're not allowed to use any off-site art.

-Self-made Avatars are perfectly acceptable as long as they follow the above rules and match the IcePets style.

-The Avatar Artist may reject your self-made avatar if they feel that it doesn't meet the requirements.

- Overly complicated ideas or ideas that do not follow the rules above will be turned down at the Artist's discretion. Alternative ideas may be discussed with the Avatar Artist.


Custom Avatar FAQ

-If you have any further questions, please message the Avatar Artist, @Read, to ensure the best possible response!

How do I get a Custom Avatar?
-You can buy them from the I.C.E Shop for 1,400 iC (1,260 iC for Gold Account owners!)
You may also buy, sell, and trade them with other users!

How do I activate the Custom Avatar?
-After purchase, go to your inventory and click on the 'Custom Avatar' item.
When you use the item, you'll get the opportunity to write a description of the avatar you're after. Include any text, colors and images you want.
When used, the item will disappear from your inventory.
We'll try to match your request the best we can!

Are there any image rules?
-Yes! The image restrictions are listed above in the italicized text.

What if I don't know what I want?
-Simply ask for a color theme, pet, or just some text you'd like and we will do the rest! You can also mail the Avatar Artist to brainstorm possible ideas.

How do I gift a Custom Avatar to someone else?
-Use the custom avatar like you normally would, but in the description mention which user it's for and if you'd like to see it before it is released.

How long does it take to complete an order?
-We aim to complete Custom Avatar orders within 7 days.

Can we request more than one avatar?
-Only one Custom Avatar may be requested per 'Custom Avatar' item.
You can only request one at a time, but you can have as many as you like!

Can I make it myself?
-Yes! It just needs to match our current avatar style, size, and rules. Simply send the link of your avatar instead of a description and it will be checked over.
If it doesn't quite match, the PSD file will be requested and we'll update it for you!

Does buying a Custom Avatar add to your Avatar Count?
-The avatar count displayed on the forums is for Secret Avatars, and will not display Custom Avatar count. However, the count on your profile includes Custom Avatars.

What if I don't like the Custom Avatar that was made for me?
-You have 3 days after you've received your avatar for any small changes to be made.
Any big changes will require another item. Please try to be as specific as possible to avoid any issues.

Animation limits?
-Some avatars will not be accepted because they simply require too much work for the price.
This is mostly animation frames. If the avatar requires too many frames you will be notified and a compromise will be given.

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    31st of Aug '13 @ 10:13 AM

Nice to know! There seem to be no avatars with okapi.
(They ARE real! Look 'em up smile_grin.gif)

Visit my shop, The Okapi Lobby, for good deals! Evil traptur plushie + cottoncandy ori plushie only 300 ip!

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