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» Space Dovu Revamp?

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Revamp the Space Dovu?
Yes!  85% 34 votes
Nope.  15% 6 votes


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    12th of Dec '12 @ 10:16 PM Hasnt voted yet!


We would like to hear from you, Icepets Community!

Should we revamp the Space Dovu to match the new Dovu style? Or should we keep the oldie?

(Quick Note: Neopets offered the chance to keep the older version of pet colors. Icepets will not be doing that. Just in case anyone offers up this idea...just sayin'. ^-^)

We will look back at this thread at the end of December and the winning vote will determine if we update the the pet.

Thank you! smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 7005
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    12th of Dec '12 @ 10:32 PM Voted for Yes!

I'm all for updating it! I would love to see it become a nice looking Space pet like some of the others.

I don't know if Icepets will ever do this, but if you guys ever update Pet Profiles to make them more customizable, users could use the old art as an overlay or something if they really like the old one.

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Posts: 46
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    13th of Dec '12 @ 12:30 AM Voted for Yes!

I think it would be even more beautiful if it were revamped smile_happy.gif


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Posts: 335
Avatars: 71/219

    13th of Dec '12 @ 1:40 AM Voted for Yes!

I vote yes as well. I've never been a fan of the Space Dovu, but the newer Dovu look so adorable.

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    13th of Dec '12 @ 5:18 AM Voted for Yes!

Yes to a revamp!

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Posts: 53
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Posts: 5966
Avatars: 205/219

    13th of Dec '12 @ 10:31 AM Voted for Yes!

I want to say no, due to the fact it was out first "special" color morphing potion

But, Its time..

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Posts: 2506
Avatars: 118/219

    13th of Dec '12 @ 12:41 PM Voted for Yes!

Absolutely - YES!

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Posts: 53
Avatars: 21/219

    13th of Dec '12 @ 1:29 PM Voted for Yes!

Yes! I agree smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 59
Avatars: 39/219

    14th of Dec '12 @ 8:52 AM Voted for Yes!

yes! smile_grin.gif
although i like the old design, i think it needs a revamp ^^

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    14th of Dec '12 @ 11:53 AM Voted for Yes!

Yes I don't really like the space dovu.

Thank you rivaille!

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Posts: 548
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Posts: 3263
Avatars: 125/219

    14th of Dec '12 @ 12:01 PM Voted for Yes!

I would like to see a revamp smile_heart.gif

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    14th of Dec '12 @ 1:36 PM Voted for Yes!

I think it would be better if we did update it to be more correct in how the Dovu looks right now. c:
So I'm for it!

"You turned my loud crying
into dancing.
You removed my black clothing
and dressed me with joy,"

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Posts: 169
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Posts: 460
Avatars: 41/219

    14th of Dec '12 @ 9:46 PM Voted for Yes!

I'm going to say yes. I bet the newer one will be even greater than the original. smile_yes.gif

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Posts: 3
Avatars: 6/219

    15th of Dec '12 @ 12:56 AM Voted for Yes!

why not!smile_yes.gif


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    15th of Dec '12 @ 4:55 AM Voted for Yes!

I like it being a "Original" even though I am a newbie I still think some older things are better than the "New and improved". Although the newer style fits in better with all of the newer art, its good to have it mesh together nicely. I like the design better on the new Dovu.

So I vote to redo. =)

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Posts: 149
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Posts: 567
Avatars: 31/219

    17th of Dec '12 @ 12:28 AM Voted for Nope.

I'm voting no, because the Space Dovu art is the only old Dovu are that was any good :/ It still fits the 'look' in so much as it works as 'a pet on IcePets' even if it's not as cute.

I think probably a lot of people who will want to say Yes to this will do so because the new art is so much cuter. And it is, I love the new art, I couldn't have convinced myself to adopt/morph to a Dovu with the old art.

But Space Dovu... Space, vast and mostly unknown, Space Dovu fits the wise look that a 'worldy' creature born of this mysterious place/nature would be.

.... a cutesy starry Dovu in the new style would lose that awesome atmosphere and presence! It would just be 'oh, another cute dovu. better add 2 my closet.'

The fact that, as far as I'm aware, it's still quite a RARE morph also makes the mysterious, wise and mature look it currently has suit it all the more!

.... :/ Sorta feels like we're gonna make it gonna-puke-from-so-much-sugary-cuteness for the sake of said cuteness without considering that the existing 'personality' fits very well and that the artwork doesn't actually NEED updating... unlike some other things, such as basic Wulfer art, or basic Traptur, Dabu, and gawd, Jakrit! Cobron!o__O

Even if we just look at specials, since this isn't a basic one, I think Evil Cobron or, hey~ Storm Makoat could look so amazing if re-done in a newer style =3 ~smile_heart.gif

I just think, that out of what we have here that DOES need updating, Space Dovu is actually quite low on the list of priorities!

Given the overwhelming support for "YAY! Cute new Dovu on the way!" though(because the new style really is quite adorable!), it seems like it really doesn't matter because this looks like it's gonna be a landslide Yes ;x3

I just wanted to give my reasons... It's not like I'm just saying "bleh, shmeh, meh, whatever" and voting no because I don't care .0. I think these are really valid reasons for saying no.

[email protected]=Druid & Milan[email protected]+~

:'D I actually have a goal list now, woo~
"Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes don't see as well and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. "But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand" The Velveteen Rabbit....

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Posts: 1619
Avatars: 107/219

    17th of Dec '12 @ 1:57 PM Voted for Yes!

I kinda like how wise he looks.

But I'd love to see a new one to match the other art. smile_tongue.gif

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Posts: 240
Avatars: 78/219

    17th of Dec '12 @ 3:27 PM Voted for Yes!

I think he should be revamped to match the new art, but at the same time I like his sagely "I have seen so much over the ages" look, if that makes sense.

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all the lonely people that the world forgot
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Posts: 167
Avatars: 65/219

    17th of Dec '12 @ 5:07 PM Voted for Yes!

I vote yes, I think he could be much cuter than he is now. Not a Dovu fan here though. smile_happy.gif


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Posts: 443
Avatars: 126/219

    18th of Dec '12 @ 6:57 AM Voted for Yes!

I say yes, they're creepy looking right now smile_laugh.gif

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Posts: 250
Avatars: 15/219

    18th of Dec '12 @ 12:01 PM Voted for Yes!

I prefer the new Dovu!

We are in Buckingham Palace, the very heart of the British nation. Sherlock Holmes, put your trousers on!

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Posts: 1144
Avatars: 103/219

    18th of Dec '12 @ 4:43 PM Voted for Nope.

I really like it as it is right now..
But if it does gets revamped.. Pleaseee don't make it look cute like a baby and stuff like that. u-u Space Color does not deserves that.. There's plenty of colors for that like baby or crystal. But Space should be.. 'mysterious, wise' as Druid said.
Just look at the Space Ridix, it looks like a darker version of the Crystal Ridix.. The Space color should look... special.
With realistic stars.. nebulas.. mystic-like. It has so much potential.

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Posts: 4356
Avatars: 139/219

    18th of Dec '12 @ 8:30 PM Voted for Nope.

Don't do the revamp! D:

I really love this color. It look more Elegant than a cute pet. We need some classy pets here, not just the fluffy ones.

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Posts: 155
Avatars: 42/219

    20th of Dec '12 @ 2:26 PM Voted for Yes!


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Posts: 624
Avatars: 59/219

    20th of Dec '12 @ 3:17 PM Voted for Yes!

Yes, I don't like how the old one looks...smile_ohcrap.gif

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