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» Should we replace 100% Trophies

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Replace 100% trophies?
Agree, Yes  25% 25 votes
Agree, No  61% 62 votes
Disagree, Yes  1% 1 vote
Disagree, No  2% 2 votes
Other  11% 11 votes


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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:15 PM Hasnt voted yet!

In this thread, myself and some of the users discussed removing the 100% Complete trophies from user profiles and replacing them with a cumulative trophy that upgrades when you collect more trophies.

Eg, you add 25 stamps -> get trophy with "25" written on it. You then reach "50" and your 25 trophy is replaced with a 50.

Currently, when you fill one of your collections, you receive a "100% Trophy", however as new items are added to be required for the collection, you no longer need to add the new items to your collection as you already have the trophy. We want to change this so that it isn't a trophy that gets harder and harder to achieve each time a new item is released.

Have you got any 100% trophies?

Please check the answer descriptions before voting ->

Agree, Yes = I DO have some 100% Trophies, but i agree to have them replace with the better system
Agree, No = I DO NOT have any 100% trophies, however i agree to have them replaced with a better system

Disagree, Yes = I DO have some 100% trophies, however I DO NOT agree to have them replaced with this suggested system
Disagree, No = I DO NOT have any 100% Trophies and i DO NOT agree to have them replaced with this suggested system

Other = I dont care, or I am happy to go with the majority vote

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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:22 PM Voted for Agree, Yes

I like a level playing field. I don't want to see people saying, " Yeah, well you got that when there were only 25 Ice Cubes. Jerk."

I have all the 100% Trophies, so it's saying a lot that I want them redone this way. (:

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Posts: 2252
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:32 PM Voted for Other

Well, is there a way to like...have the trophy removed from your profile when you don't have 100% anymore?

Cos I kinda feel like getting a trophy for having 50 of a collection is ... kinda like handouts. IMO

Or can you have it set like the pet beauty and book unique items are? Like a scoreboard with gold, silver and bronze trophies?

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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:32 PM Voted for Agree, Yes

Aha! guess I should have read this first.

I like this also. I do my hardest to keep up, and with the books and fashion, it changes when we add new things, and i always get downgraded, so i think this is a better idea

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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:33 PM Voted for Agree, Yes

This would be a great idea, it also shows your progress other then going to the stamp profile page, plus it shows how accurately close you are to being actually 100% complete.

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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:35 PM Voted for Agree, No

I don't currently have any of the 100% trophies, but I think it would be a good idea to have them redone.

As more items are added, it will become more difficult for new people to get the 100% trophies once there are 200-300 or even more stamps and other things. So yes, I think doing it this new way is a good way to give new users an incentive to start collections. I think people will be more likely to want to collect things if they can at least get some sort of trophy, instead of being discouraged by thinking "Well, there are so many items in that collection, I'll never get to 100% so why bother?"

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Posts: 5677
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:37 PM Voted for Agree, No

I think replacing the 100% trophies with cumulative trophies would be a very nice improvement.

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Posts: 738
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:37 PM Voted for Agree, No

I think it's a more fair, since some items in the collection are annual. and the values are very expensive. Give the opportunity to get the items the proportion that are being launched and motivation for the collection.
Great initiative. smile_angel.gifsmile_star.gif

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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:40 PM Voted for Agree, No

I do not have 100%, but think it would be awesome for this new system to be in place.

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Posts: 739
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Posts: 8
Avatars: 9/214

    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:41 PM Voted for Agree, Yes

This would be awesome. ^3^ (Edit: clicked the wrong option by mistake, should be "Agree, no&quotsmile_wink.gif


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Posts: 5529
Avatars: 102/214

    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:41 PM Voted for Agree, No

I like the idea of getting the trophy with plenty of hard work, but without the unfairness of older users having an advantage.
Although i understand if anyone who has already reached 100% would be annoyed by this change.

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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:42 PM Voted for Agree, Yes

It sounds fair for the ones that doesn't have any trophy and somehow unfair for those who ever achieved 100%.
Though I agree.

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Posts: 5957
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:45 PM Voted for Agree, Yes

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Posts: 3263
Avatars: 125/214

    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:45 PM Voted for Agree, Yes

I just got some of my trophies and I like the 100% trophies I already got but I agree with having the Level Trophies.

Maybe we could have the level trophies and the 100% as it is a hard thing to get all the expensive and retired items and I would be a bit sad to see that a User with 100 items would get the same trophy as someone who got all the items at like 123 items or so...

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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:50 PM Voted for Agree, Yes

This seems to be a much fairer system, especcially for the new users (although I'm rather new myself).

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Posts: 2850
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:53 PM Voted for Other

I don't collect or strive for trophies most of the time, so I'm utterly neutral.

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Posts: 565
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 1:54 PM Voted for Agree, No

+1 Support. smile_yes.gif

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    15th of Aug '12 @ 2:02 PM Voted for Agree, No

I think this would be a really good idea smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 66
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 2:09 PM Voted for Other

I don't collect anything too much, but I can understand the frustration if someone got the 100% trophy when there was only 5 of the collection items.

I don't really mind either way, but I can see how it might be useful.

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Posts: 335
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 2:13 PM Voted for Agree, No

It's more difficult for newer people to get 100%, especially with the retired items. And with the upgrading trophies, you still feel accomplished to a degree every time you reach a new level. I say yes, upgrade the trophies.

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Posts: 46
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 2:19 PM Voted for Agree, No

Everybody likes trophies. smile_laugh.gif

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    15th of Aug '12 @ 2:29 PM Voted for Other

I like it the way it is to where you get a 100% trophy when you actually have all stamps/gourmet/etc

I think once a new stamp is added the only way to get back our 100% trophy is to actually have every stamp in your collection

Same with gourmet and cubes
The only way you get 100% is actually having them all

So once a new gourmet is added, or a new stamp, etc. the trophy goes away until you put the new item in your collection

Plus like someone else said on this board - its like a handout
New people get a 25 stamps trophy when about 25 stamps are 1 IP
its kinda stupid IMO
I say stick with the 100% trophy but only have to where you only get the trophy if you actually have 100% even with the new items released
It give people something to work for to get a trophy
Plus it's there a stamp avatar you get when ou hav like 50% stamps. I think that's a good enough "trophy".

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Posts: 3722
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 2:30 PM Voted for Agree, Yes


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Posts: 1192
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    15th of Aug '12 @ 2:33 PM Voted for Agree, No

The task seems less daunting to newer members to get a small trophy, and it still rewards people who put in the work.

I approve of this change smile_yes.gif

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    15th of Aug '12 @ 2:42 PM Voted for Agree, No

I also agree with everyone else, I think that if we have number trophys it would be better then everyone struggling to get 100%. So I am all for it smile_grin.gif

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