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What do you want to see on Ice
Wishlist No Votes
Battle Arena  14% 1 vote
Wishing Well No Votes
Christmas Pet Colors No Votes
Halloween Pet Colors No Votes
Valentine Pet Colors  29% 2 votes
High And Low Game No Votes
Safety Deposit Box/Storage No Votes
Random Item Events No Votes
St. Patrick Pet Colors  29% 2 votes
Angel Pet Colors No Votes
Evil/Devil Pet Colors  14% 1 vote
Rainbow Pet Colors No Votes
All Of The Above  14% 1 vote
Editing Posts No Votes
Other No Votes

    23rd of Aug '10 @ 10:46 PM Hasnt voted yet!

A wishlist so you can show people what you want

Battle Arena for training pets

wishing well to get ip from daily

christmas colored pets

halloween colored pets

valentines day colored pets

high and low game

safety deposit box for keeping items safe in

random item losing or gaining events

st patricks day colored pets

angel colored pets

evil colored pets

rainbow colored pets

Post Edits


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Posts: 105
Avatars: 11/213

    25th of Aug '10 @ 1:03 AM Voted for All Of The Above

It all sounds good to me.

Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills

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Posts: 11
Avatars: 13/213

    25th of Aug '10 @ 1:37 PM Voted for St. Patrick Pet Colors

I have to say that it all looks good to me, but my vote must go for the St. Patrick's Day colored pets. It's not a color I've seen at other pet sites and I happen to love the color green x3

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Posts: 1108
Avatars: 47/213

    25th of Aug '10 @ 4:29 PM Voted for Battle Arena

I think a battle arena will pull in lots more members smile_laugh.gif Also, I kinda disagree with post editing since it allows people to backpedal smile_unsure.gif

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    25th of Aug '10 @ 7:14 PM Voted for Valentine Pet Colors

Staff voted against users having an edit button, however, if there's a huge demand for them I'm sure the case can be reviewed. :3

We will have a battle arena sometime! There's a board for possible features for it somewhere around here..

Love the Valentines Pet Color idea.. I'm a bit of a fan of pink!

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    26th of Aug '10 @ 12:11 AM Voted for Evil/Devil Pet Colors

I'm a big fan of the color ideas. The angel/evil ones especially. I think we probably could use a few more dailies, and any new games are going to be welcome additions.

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Posts: 4518
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    27th of Aug '10 @ 5:22 AM Voted for Valentine Pet Colors

I would love a valentines coloured pet too smile_grin.gif

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Posts: 5262
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    28th of Aug '10 @ 1:10 PM Voted for St. Patrick Pet Colors

St. Patrick Pet Colors please.

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