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InspectorLestrade the
Ice Cobron

Owner: shrlockhlmes

Timberline the
Blue Novyn

Owner: princewinter

Souler the
Red Ridix

Owner: SoulerClash

Misty Isles

Battle Shop Weapons Quest Token Booth Scrap Shop Grooming Parlour Port Rakor

Location Guide
Battle Shop
You will find weapons for all occasions here! Whether it is for a wedding, a feud, war, or just a plain old sibling rivalry!
Weapons Quest
Do you dare to complete a quest for Cadel?
Grooming Parlour
All your beauty needs can be found here, at the Misty Isles Grooming Parlour!
Port Rakor
Magnificent marvels right at your fingertips... just do not leave fingerprints on the items, please.
Token Booth
Token burning a hole in your pocket? Let Kaylus take some off your paws.
Scrap Shop
Whether you want to buy or sell, the Blob is always into making deals.

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