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Contest #8: Youtube - Video #2 (Video)

Competition Date:
19th Nov 2011 - 9th Dec 2011

Just make a video and post it up on Youtube. The IcePets Team will be the judge of what videos are best. This contest starts now and ends Dec 4th.

1st Place: 12,000 IceCash + 6 Treasure Chests ($50 Value)
2nd Place: Halloween Snow Jar + Pet Slot Key + Custom Avatar
3rd Place: Pet Slot Key + Fairy Jakrit Morphing Potion
Runner Up: All participants will get 30,000 IP!

*Use to easily make cartoon-like videos.
*Do a video about anything, really....anything.
*Sit at your computer desk, climb a mountain, run in circles screaming about IcePets, whatever suits you.
*Record your computer screen without a camera.
*Use popular keywords in the title.

-Your referral link should be in the description of the video, for us to verify who made it.
-Video should be messaged to Claws.
-Must be uploaded between now and December 4th.

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