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Contest #2: Create a Story - Writing #1 (Writing)

Competition Date:
5th May 2011 - 11th May 2011

Do you love writing?
Here is a contest designed for you!
The Book of Technology has blank pages that wants to be filled by not one of the staff members -- but a member of the community!

1. One entry per member.
2. Please post here if you would like to participate.
3. Send Speedie your story when you have completed your entry.
4. You will have two weeks to send in your stories. This means the deadline is May 20th.
5. Scoring will be based on creativeness and ability to write an entertaining story. A couple of grammar mistakes can be easily fixed, though ;D
6. The story can be factual (i.e. history of technology) or in character.
7. There is no character limit. Write what you feel is a good length. However, if you really need guidelines, check previously published books to get a good idea of what an average story looks like.
8. Please remember... No plagiarizing!
9. If you have a question, post here.
10. Have fun!


1st Place: 20,000 IP, a copy of the book, and your story published for all to see, including you username in the book description!
Runner-up: 10,000 IP
Honorable Mention(s): 6,000 IP

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