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Contest #17: New Years - Referral #3 (Referral)
Announcement Results (Mixed News)

Competition Date:
1st Jan 2013 - 31st Jan 2013

This contest will start at the new year and run until the end of this month. There will be no trophy, this time it is for the prizes.

1st Place: Account Upgrade: 12 Months + 12000IC & 6 TC ($90 Value)
2nd Place: Account Upgrade: 6 Months + 4500 IC & 2 Treasure Chests ($45 Value)
3rd Place: 10 Pet Slots Key + Custom Avatar
4th Place: Christmas Snow Jar
5th Place: Zabeu Totem
6th - 10th Place: 100,000 IP!

Go to Personal > Referrals, to find your referral link.

The main referral page shows the top ten referrers of this month; that will show your placing.

Read these referral guides and you may learn some new ways to earn referrals:

How to get your pending referrals accepted.
How to use projectwonderful for referrals.
How to use yahoo answers for referrals.

Refer your friends, family, and most of all...random strangers on the internet!

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