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Contest #13: Easter - Colouring #3 (Art)
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Competition Date:
7th Apr 2012 - 4th May 2012

Jakrits can be seen throughout the lands. Their tails are twitching with excitement, its that time of the year again..


The sneaky Jakrits are placing some old eggs around the shops..

I wonder what happens when you open them?

Shopkeepers are also getting into the spirit with new Easter stock!

There is also rumours of a hunt opening soon.. Hmmm..


Click for larger!

Design your very own Easter Egg!
Paints, crayons, digital software.. The possibilities are endless!


1st Prize -
5000 iC + 2 Jakrit Morphing Potions, Custom Avatar
2nd Prize - 2500 iC, Five Random Jakrit Eggs, Custom Avatar
3rd Prize - 2000 iC

Deadline: 28th April, Midnight.
Simply mail your entry to Lolly!

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