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Contest #9: New Year - Colouring #1 (Art)
Announcement (Mixed News)VotingResults

Competition Date:
2012-01-01 - 2012-01-19

3.. 2.. 1.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Welcome to 2012, IcePets!

Thank-you to each and every user for your continuous support, encouragement and feedback.
As a token for our appreciation as staff, each user to make a comment in this news post about their best 2011 memory, will receive a random 2012 Pinata!

Id also like to take this moment to thank all my fellow staff for their dedication and support through the rough patches of 2011.
A special thanks to Speedie for stepping up to the plate and running IcePets through our absences. Thank-you for inspiring us consistently with your dedication and positive attitude.
Id like to thank Vermillion for joining our team and filling our site with such beautiful artwork. Her time management and high quality is incredible!
A big thanks to Lycan for filling our world with imagination and creativity! Your words truly fly off the pages.
Nate and NBS, thank-you for all your hard work in creating our world.
And of course, the biggest thank-you of all goes to, Claws. Thank-you for pushing us, inspiring us, supporting us and listening to us. Without you, IcePets would be nothing!

We are holding a color-in contest in celebration of the New Year!



1st Place - 2,100 IC and 100,000 IP.
2nd Place - 1,000 IC and 50,000 IP.
3rd Place - 500 IC and 25,000 IP.

Rule 1 - All work submitted must be your own.
Rule 2 - Work submitted cannot contain anything offensive, including but not limited to: Gore, swearing, illegal drugs.
Rule 3 - You may use any means to color in. Crayons, paints, digital programs, etc.
Rule 4 - One entry per user.

Deadline - 10th January 2012
Mail your entries to, Lolly!

Winners will be chosen vote!

There appears to be a new Secret Avatar hiding..

Can you find it?

Please note, our new year events will be finishing 10th January!
2012 Pinatas will be retiring forever as well as all items with 2012 in them (Duh!).

Congratulations, Faith!

You have won this exclusive secret avatar as well as 50,000 iP!

Why? Faith has received this honourable award for her kindness and generous. She is an active member of our community and has faithfully stuck with us through everything.

This is our communities way of saying, thanks!

Nominations will open later this month for our next lucky member!

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