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Contest #6: Item Hunt #3 (Hunt)

Competition Date:
2011-09-07 - 2011-09-12

First off, Id like to apologize for the recent inactivity of the site in general...I personally felt a little overwhelmed, and become a little unmotivated.

That and I started playing God of War III again and Ive been hooked on that. :3

But the inactivity has come to an end, its contest time!!!

Starting tomorrow, at 7 pm IST, five new items will be released into the Ice Pets World! They are here:

Trophies Stamp, Plastic Pickaxe, Mustache Comb, Meat and Cheese Antipasto, and Solid Gold Tea Set.

These items may only be received through Quest rewards.

To win the contest, all you have to do is mail Speedie with each Quest and the new item rewarded through it.

You only get one guess.

Be sure in your answers before you submit them.

Now for the part Im sure some of you skipped reading the first section for; the prizes.

This contest requires a little bit of luck, so the prizes arent going to be too extreme.


The elusive Red Snow Jar Stamp! These contests are the only means of receiving this Stamp! Only the top winner of each contest will win one, plus their pick from the prize pool.

Dont play in contests? Your only means of getting one will be by buying it off the top contest winner.

10,000 Ice Points and a Gourmet Food item of your choice.

20,000 Ice Points and any Token Booth item of your choice

30,00 Ice Points and set of Tokens

40,000 Ice Points and one of each Easter Egg released in the Easter Event

50,000 Ice Points, a Red Snow Jar Stamp, an Ice Cube, and Stamp of your choice

More details and links coming in tomorrows news post! Dont miss out!!

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