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Contest #5: Favourite Pet - Drawing #1 (Art)

Competition Date:
2011-08-13 - 2011-08-26




Enough of that. Its time for another CONTEST!!!!

This one is simple enough...Just create. Take one of your favorite pets on Ice Pets; Baby Jakrit, Purple Wulfer, Orange Dovu...Whatever. Pick your favorite species, favorite color, and create it in your style.

You can draw it by hand, use a program on your computer, paint, sculpt, WHATEVER! Make it your own!

Scan it, or take a picture of it and send it to Speedie!


We try very hard to make these competitions fair for everyone. All entries will be submitted anonymously for judging, to prevent any bias.

Please, only one entry per user.

The deadline for entries is Thursday, August 18th, 11:59:59 PM IST.

And post any questions you have here. Or mail me. o.o Up to you. :3

Is that it? *Checks* Yep. Thats it. Now get to it!

Wait! Thats not it! You guys wanna know about prizes!!

One Stamp or Ice Cube of your choice and 10,000 Ice Points

One Golden Touch item of your choice and 25,000 Ice Points

One Morphing Potion of your choice and 50,000 Ice Points

Just like in previous contests, first place winner will get to take their pick from the prize pool; second place gets second pick, and third place gets what remains.

Even if you have no artistic talent, what will it hurt to enter? No one will know who submitted what. Except for me. And Ill snicker quietly to myself at how talentless you are. *Clasps hands together evilly*

Im just kidding. We can make bad drawings together!! *High fives*

Whats that? Todays not Friday? <_< >_> <_< *Flees*

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