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Contest #3: Item Hunt #1 (Hunt)

Competition Date:
2011-07-20 - 2011-08-05

Hello Icetopians...Icesepians...People of Ice Pets! Hello there!

It was a pretty slow day today. Yep. Pret-ty slow.

So lets play a game. Friday, at 6 pm IST, an item will be released into the world. The name of the item will not be released, nor will the shop it stocks in. It will, however, stock in the wrong shop. If its a book, it might stock in the Snow Jar Shop. If its food, it might stock in the Stamp Shop. Nobody knows. Except for me. And the other staff members. o.o;

Staff members, since you can see everything I do, you are not allowed to place in the contest.

How do you win? Find the item, buy it, and send it to me, Speedie.

All entries, correct or otherwise, WILL be returned.

We dont think this rule is necessary, but there is a limit of ten sent items per user. ((So dont go sending me every item there is, hoping one of them is the new one. ))

To win, be one of the first five users to send the item to my account.

Now, for the best part. Here are the prizes.

*Space Dovu Morphing Potion and 20,000 Ice Points

*Treasure Chest and 50,000 Ice Points

*Storm Snow Jar and 100,000 Ice Points

*Doom Stamp 200,000 Ice Points

*Scarab Amulet and 500,000 Ice Points

The 1st place winner may take their pick from the prize pool, then comes the second place winners choice, third, fourth, and the remaining prize goes to the fifth place winner.

Everyone who enters will receive a participation prize.

So get ready, be observant, and get yourself organized.

Let the game begin.

...Friday...Let the game begin, Friday. o.o;

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