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Contest #16: IcePets Pumpkins! (Art)
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Competition Date:
2012-10-16 - 2012-12-13

It's time to get into the spirit of Halloween!! Let's kick it off with a little contest!

Think you can do better?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to carve an IcePets themed pumpkin! Yes, a real pumpkin. Not like that MS Paint catastrophe up there. @_@ You can make it a Pet, Avatar, Item, whatever! As long as it's IcePets themed! Light it up at night, take a pic, and send it in! Pretty simple, right?

Only one entry per user
Please do not share your entry with other users
Mail your entries to Speedie
No stealing artwork

Voting rules will be announced after the entry deadline of Wednesday, October 31st, 11:59:59 pm IST.

Now, the prizes...

Dark Apple, Bone Soup, and Spooky Tree Stamp. 1st place takes their pick of one of these Items, 2nd place takes their pick of what's left, and 3rd place gets what remains.

That about wraps it up, if you have any questions, feel free to post or message Speedie!

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