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Contest #11: Valentines - Colouring #2 (Art)
Announcement (Mixed News)Results

Competition Date:
2012-02-14 - 2012-02-29

The Story Continues..

With little effort, he guided her to her feet,
She stumbled for words she could not speak.
An apology or thank you... neither could be said,
For the awkwardness began to sink in,
But the silence made the perfect compromise.

His move was the first,
A simple hello that she greeted with a kind smile.
This feeling had devoured both hearts,
With all its strength, they knew they could not deny the feeling.

The romantic Cupid kept watch,
The cleverness of his plan had been successful.
And with a spark in his eye,
He proclaimed, Time to give this a try!

Gliding down from his cloud with grace,
He hovered for more than a moment.
He took aim and released his arrow of love.
Like a love filled dove,
It flew and made its mark on the couple below.

Joey smiled to Rosie,
The girl he�d only just met,
Nervously he offered his hand,
His mind was definitely set.

Rosie took his offered hand,
Talking as she did so.
�Fancy going to dinner with me?�
This wasn�t just for show.

Other hand in his pocket,
Joey starting walking.
And so they began their journey together,
Starting with just a talking.

Joey has been transformed into a love pet!

Cupid has flown over to the Igloo and will be there for the remainder of the day selling his high stock of Love Snow Jars. Woohoo!

Art Contest
Our popular art contest is back with bigger and better prizes!

Click for full size.


1st Place - 10,000 iC + All Valentines Day items
2nd Place - 5,000 iC + 2 Love Snow Jars + Custom Avatar
3rd Place - 2,100 iC + Custom Avatar

Rule 1 - All work submitted must be your own.
Rule 2 - Work submitted cannot contain anything offensive, including but not limited to: Gore, swearing, illegal drugs.
Rule 3 - You may use any means to color in. Crayons, paints, digital programs, etc.
Rule 4 - One entry per user.

Deadline - 25th February 2012
Mail your entries to, Lolly!

Winner will be chosen by vote!

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