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Fivve the
Blue Novyn

Owner: Yakumo

Tricksickery the
Phantasmoire Audril

Owner: Lokki

Birdcage the
Green Dovu

Owner: Birdhouse

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Pet NameSpecieColorPriceView Details
Vegeta Cobron Evil 5,700 iP
Liwanu Dovu Fairy 1,350 iP
Abed Xephyr Toon 1,350 iP
Nootau Ridix Pinata 1,350 iP
Chagoan Xephyr Evil 1,500 iP
Muata Makoat Tech 1,350 iP
Elijahnugget Sharshel Green 675 iP
Plane Wulfer Phantasmoire 1,350 iP
Clupis Wulfer Blue 675 iP
_____Loki_____ Sharshel Party 1,350 iP

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